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The article lists out the essential educational qualifications, and skillsets needed for the Write for Us + General Guest Post writers to present the article.

Were you searching for a writing platform to showcase your obtained skills and knowledge? Have you acquired the essential professional writing ethics? If yes, you are the perfect individual to carry forward our Write for Us + General Guest Post articles to many people. But if we are going to address a huge number of people, we have to follow certain protocols and rules so that it will be a valuable one.

Introduction to our website “mangiablog.com”

Our website “mangiablog.com” is the one-stop forum for generating authentic and reliable content for the worldwide General + Write for Us readers. Moreover, our mission is to create only legitimate and quality articles for our readers. To accomplish this, we collect information from multiple sources to ensure its authenticity. After collecting the data, we edit it to meet the needs of our readers and double-check the entire content for any errors before publishing.

Thus, our quality-enriched contents fall under the categories of

  • Websites and Product Reviews
  • News
  • Health
  • Gaming Tips
  • Travel
  • Business
  • Money

Write for Us + General Preferred Educational Qualifications and Skill Sets

We chose the general topics so the guest post writers could present the articles from their respective fields of interest.

But we have obligations to share with all the interested candidates, be it in any field; every field has its purpose of serving the people. For example, a financial analyst can represent their field and give basic suggestions on the upcoming recession and many more “Write for Us” + General topics.

Thus, we want a person who can create an article that will be useful to our readers.

We are a team of people who appreciate talent and hard work over educational qualifications, so people from any educational background can boldly make their attempt. And their quality of work should reflect their acquired skills.

Write for Us General Reference topics

We want to assist the guest post writers in choosing the topics; as we stated earlier, they can have the liberty to choose their topics, but they should have the sole purpose of serving and enlightening people’s minds.

  • Recent advancements in the development of cancer drugs and their application to save humankind
  • The “Write for Us” + “General” guest post writers can also deal with trending international news, like people speculating about an economic recession; thus, they can choose a topic like “Will there be a recession in the year 2023?” “And what are the preventive measures to save the economic condition of the country and the households?”
  • The latest football match updates and the performance of each team

General Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The article should be conveyed in a polite tone, and they should not present the article by degrading any minorities or religion; it will trigger the people’s emotions. 
  • Please remember these golden points: the guest writers’ words should promote integrity and fraternity among the people, and they should not spread any hatred.
  • Write for Us+ General article’s word count can vary depending on the topics, but it should be maintained within the limit of 750 to 1500.
  • The article should contain a proper introduction, main description, conclusion, and comment section. 
  • There should be no plagiarism or grammatical errors in the article. We need only 100% unique content from the writer’s side.

“Write for Us” + General article SEO guidelines

  • The article can be SEO-powered by adding accurate focus keywords, and we request the guest post contributors to add the keywords to their articles. The focus keywords should be a combination of three to four words and no more. Else it will become a sentence. Thus, writers should find the correct SEO-optimised keywords.
  • The inbound and outbound hyperlinks should be added to the article.

General + “Write for Us” writers Advantages

Our team will recognise the writers’ talent and hard work and to facilitate that. We will publish the authors’ names along with the article that got published by our team. 

Presently, we are displaying only their name. Still, in the future, we may also give a by-line for the authors so that all our readers will easily know about the qualifications and achievements of the writers.

General “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules

All interested candidates are requested to send their completed writing work to this [email protected], and the writer can also communicate with our team via this email address.


In a lifetime, opportunity won’t knock on the door often and it has become a crucial phenomenon in the competitive world, so we expect the Write for Us + General Guest Post contributors to make wise decisions. Thus, we have shared all our guidelines and tips for sharing a professional general topics article on our platform. Now it’s your time to take a large career step.

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