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The articles indicate the importance of adhering to the SEO guidelines while submitting an Education Write for Us Guest Post to the team.

Are you someone who has a strong belief that education has the potential to uplift people’s lives? Have you acquired the skills to exhibit the importance of education to our readers, and can you present solution-oriented Education Write for Us Guest Post articles? Then you are the felicitous candidate to take advantage of our Mangiablog website’s guest blogging opportunity. And, to make an article extra special and significant, we have conveyed a set of guidelines in the subheadings below; please read them.

Introduction to our website “”

Our website is one of the most authentic content-creating platforms in the internet world. Our team consists of professional Education + Write for Us writers and skilled editors, and they have continuously created high-quality online articles, of which we are very proud and no other contemporary platform can match our quality. Moreover, we have been dealing with a diverse range of topics and they are, 

  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel
  • Money
  • Health
  • Education
  • Sports
  • News
  • Business And Gaming Tips

Education Write for Us writers Desired Professions and Skill Sets

Education is one of the topics that is constantly updated because new inventions, philosophies, research works, and theories are getting added daily. And nowadays, students’ workloads and mind pressures are vastly different from those of earlier twentieth-century students, which extends to parents as well. Thus, we need a “Write for Us” + Education article that matches the current scenario of the education system.

Educational qualification: Because education encompasses many fields, any graduate can apply.

Profession: Teachers, college professors, career guidance specialists, entrance exam coaches, principals, scholars, researchers, education insurance sector specialists, and anyone else involved in the field of education can share their knowledge with our readers.

Skills sets: Writers should possess excellent writing skills without complicating the article’s message.

Write for Us Education Reference Topics

The Mangiablog team would like to share some important topics related to the education field; these are some of the more neglected but very important topics, so we request that the writers to share their spotlights on these important matters.

  • What is the root cause of the poor women enrollment ratio in higher educational studies?
  • “Write for Us” + “Education” writers can also choose topics such as informing students about government schemes and programmes that provide educational assistance. Furthermore, our writers can share information about educational loans and interest rates with our readers; this will be a very practical and solution-oriented article for them. Thus, kindly do that.
  • New and trending graduation courses
  • Tips for remaining calm during the examination time. 

Write for Us + Education articles Guidelines

  • We request the writers not endorse the educational institution directly or indirectly. That article may not be passed to the next level of selection.
  • Word limit of the article: 750 to 1500; writers shouldn’t add irrelevant and repetitive points to their article to increase the total word length. The quality of the article is sacrosanct on our mangiablog website.
  • Write for Us+ Education writers must include headings and subheadings, which should be preceded and followed by the introduction and conclusion sections.
  • While submitting, writers must ensure that their article has a 100 unique and 0% plagiarism value. If not, the article will almost certainly be rejected.
  • Writers should pay extra attention to the grammatical correctness of the article.

“Write for Us” + Education articles SEO guidelines

  • Articles should be supported with internal and external website links, which writers should add in hyperlink format. Please do not copy and paste the entire URL.
  • When adding internal links, the writer can use our website’s articles for internal linking.
  • The use of target keywords is a must in all the articles.

Education + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our team has been following the latest SEO strategies in our article, so it stands out from the crowd, which will eventually attract more global readers to the guest post writer’s work.
  • We have a large readership, and everyone may be a student or a parent of a student, so we already have a large viewership, henceforth the writers’ only job is to present solution-oriented articles.

Education “Write for Us” Submission Rules

Writers should send their finished soft copies (in.doc format or Google Docs) to this Email Address [[email protected]] and our team will get back to them within 1 or 2 days. 


The article explains the complete details on how to present the article, and we deeply request everyone to follow all those points while creating the Education Write for Us Guest Post article. And our team selection process is purely based on the quality and talent of the writers; thus, anyone interested in contributing their Educational knowledge can do so without hesitation.

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