My Life According To…

It’s Sunday.

I’m currently chilling in my p.j.’s in my room listening to the sounds of Annabelle’s sweet snores.

If you don’t know Annabelle “Bella”, she’s my white English lab.

She’s most often laid out in this position.


Baby under her chin…snoring like a rather large man in his 70’s.

We rescued Annabelle from a puppy mill a little over a year ago where she was being bred out until the owners were going to “do away with her.”

Because that really seems like the best idea…let’s just breed her, and then kill her when we are done forcing her to have all of these litters!?

I haven’t known B for 7 years of her life and I can only imagine how difficult life was for her before she came to my family.

She has an attachment to her “babies” (a.k.a. her stuffed animals that she carries around in her mouth).

She has been having some troubles lately.


The doctor thinks it’s something with her liver.

She’s had seizures since we adopted her and thankfully, we now have those under control.

However, I’m just hoping for the best.


All I can do is let her live a happy life.

It just breaks my heart to know that the scum of the earth are out there hurting innocent dogs like B.

Luckily, she found the BEST home.


On another un-sappy note…


going days without wearing any making have been truly liberating for me.

Let those pores breathe ladies!


My Life According To…

Let me update you on my life.

I know it’s killing you to know what has been happening w/ me lately.

Well, as of right now I’m anxiety ridden waiting to hear from the university I applied to about the status of my nursing application (i.e. am I accepted or not?).

Just tell me already.

I’m dying inside.

I won’t know until late September.


Patience is a virtue.

Thank goodness I have tons of it. 🙂

Snap shot of the sky before a morning thunderstorm last week.


Absolutely breathtaking.

It’s skies like these that make me think of my grandfather…it’s been almost 10 years since his passing and I can just feel him looking down on me from heaven.

I’m sure he’d be proud.

Barre 3 online works miracles.


Hello strong arms and firm tush 😉

Got a little trim and blow-out this week.


I love, love, love having fresh, pretty stylish hair.

It makes me feel like a whole new person.

Definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

If I could have a hair dresser to do my hair every day…I wouldn’t blink.


Cookie 911 this week.


But this is my life…always a cookie emergency.

Pumpkin pancakes that are going to blow your mind.


I’m waiting for the perfect cool weather to share the recipe.


My Life According To…


I apologize for the missing in action ordeal for the past week.

I’ve been in a sunny place…you may know it…

it’s called California.


I was there for work…not play…so unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy the beaches, restaurants, california life as much as I would have liked.


That’s my baby seester. Who…is actually my boss.

We work for Epic Bar.

We were out in L.A. area as vendors at the 2013 Cross fit Games.

Thinks big muscles, tire flipping, and lots of paleo food.

Oh, and a good ole’ sun burn/farmer’s tan on the first day.


I basically lived off of kale chips and peanut butter while I was there.


I also got in a good run while I was there along Huntington Beach…only one of my fave places in the world.


The last day of our trip was spent relaxing, which of course began with a ridiculously good cup of coffee.


A positive of traveling to California is that you have ridiculously good hair days.


I also got to catch up on some really good mag reading on my flights.


A peanut butter and jelly burger? Is this real life?


Slap me silly!


My Life According To…


I am definitely not getting blogger of the year award any time soon.

So sorry for being M.I.A. that past couple of days.

Luckily, I shared a bomb cookie recipe w/ y’all earlier this week.


Then I got sick.



Not from the cookies though…so don’t worry. 🙂

Horrible stomach aches are no bueno. Why do women have it so hard?


It’s okay though. Heating pad, tylenol extra-strength, and A Little Princess (a.k.a. my favorite movie ever)


did the trick.

Good thing because Wed-Fri I was in San Antonio w/ my momma for a work conference she had.


It was on the river walk so I got to explore a bit. I just love old churches.

The food was totally amazing.

On the way in, I made my mom stop for barbecue at Joel’s in Flatonia.


I am a barbecue gal…all day erryday. Seriously, we have had barbecue take-out for the past two days since we have been back home.

It’s pure bliss.


This was my last meal. Probably the simplest, yet best meal I had while there. Grilled shrimp, roasted beets, and ricotta.

I was in heaven.

Also, giant coffee cups…FTW.


Been doing lots of Pilates lately.


It does a body good.

Oh, oh…did y’all see my new header for the blog up there?

Courtesy of the lovely Holly from The Healthy Everythingtarian.

She’s freaking awesome.

She listened to what I really wanted, and it was like she knew me…came up w/ that parm cheese graphic all on her own.

Soooooooo amazing!

Also, also…my seester and I are headed to Los Angeles to work at the Crossfit Games.

I would love to know of any healthy restaurants that serve gluten-free, vegan, and/or paleo meals, snacks, drinks, etc.

Also, any places for a good workout, outdoors/indoors, etc.

I just love Cali and am always looking for new places to try while I’m out there!



My Life According To…

Let’s do an update.

Currently: sitting on the couch watching Return to Me.

It’s been on t.v. a lot lately.

If you’ve never seen it.

Watch it a.s.a.p.


Let’s rewind to the fourth of July.

Watching the parade w/ mi familia.


Mi madre looking her best in her fourth of July outfit.

Sooooo relaxing.


Dad drove the pimp mobile  fourth of July caddy round the hood.

Nerd time w/ dad.


I’ve really been into desserts lately.


Oh, surprise, surprise.

Oh, and muffins too.


Like, alllllllll the muffins!


Seriously…but this isn’t a bad thing 🙂


There can never be too many muffins.


Or cookies/bars.


Or crisps!


Took Bella to the vet this week.


Got her on some meds.

More on that later.


Little ladies sharing the big bed…who knew?