6 Years of Blogging

Last week I started getting LinkedIn inbox messages congratulating me on my 6 year blogging anniversary.

I totally forgot.

Wow! When I look back on the past six years and how far this little blog has come, i can’t help but feel accomplished.

I mean, I did this.

This blog is my therapy.

It’s my live journal.

This blog has been with me through it all.

You have been through it all with me.

I remember when my sister and I were living together in our apartment in college and she was diagnosed with celiac disease.

She should have been diagnosed with “my sister is going to kill me for leaving my clothes and shoes around the apartment” disease.

Anyway, we put our brains together and I started cooking and baking things she could eat.

I remember her saying, “Ya know Chels, you should document this…you should write about this journey.”

At the time, I didn’t know she was also speaking to me from a place of concern.

A concern for my health, for my eating disorder.

But the crazy thing is that, my anorexia wasn’t about food at all.

It was about everything I was going through in life.

Food was merely my only control.

If my sister hadn’t been living with me, I don’t think I would have made it.

I was self destructing, in denial, and lived a rigorously scheduled life.

Things changed after graduation when I was told I had osteoporosis of the spine…at age 24!

Changes in my life needed to be made…so I changed them, I decided to get better, I decided to get healthy.

Guess what…the blog was here for me.

You all were here to listen.

Even if I didn’t talk about being sick, you were still here to read as I shared my stories and recipes.

For that, I thank you.

I thank you for not judging in a world that is full of criticism.

You have been with me through a time when I thought my family was falling apart, college graduation, the death of my last dog, a couple of jobs, a second go round at college, and more recently, a broken heart.

Honestly, I’m not sure I could imagine my life without this blog.

Sharing my stories with you strangers while weird, is exhilarating.

Who knew I was talking to a large group of people that could relate to me, or who had experienced similar things in life?

The rest of this year is going to hold several new things for me and I hope you will continue to be there to listen, laugh, cry, and cook with me.

I will be there for you.

So, Happy Birthday you little blog you!

6 years looks good on you, and I can’t wait for the next 6.