Pecan Praline Cheesecake

Here we go y'all. I'm back and I'm motivated. The reason I started this blog was out of sure passion. Passion for food, passion for writing, passion for story-telling, passion for life, passion for family...I guess you could say I'm a passionate … [Continue reading]

Easy and Nutritious Beef Bone Broth

Happy October y’all! I’m sad to announce that summer is over and that means winter is right around the corner. It’s already getting super chilly with temperatures dropping to the 50s. Since there’s nothing better than getting warmed up by a hot cup … [Continue reading]

Tuesday Ten

I'm keeping my promise and we are going to keep up with this Tuesday Ten business. Uno: If you live in Houston, come hang out with me at Tacolandia. I mean, beer + tacos + me...winning combo. ;) Dos: I had breakfast with my cousin a few Sunday's … [Continue reading]

Houston Press Tacolandia Pre-Sale + Giveaway!

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Tuesday Ten

Yo. Today we are starting a new series on the blog called the Tuesday Ten. Basically, it's about anything that is on my mind. Who knows if this will be weekly, because LIFE. But, let's just focus on today. Uno: I was headed to work last … [Continue reading]