Tuesday Things.

 No, I am not dead. In fact, I am very much alive. However, I thought I was going to die this morning after my run with seester. 
Then, I got over it. 
Love the new mirror in my room! I like to see my outfits in full length!
Back to the running. So, seester loves to run long distance and I…well, I consider myself a runner but living in an apartment made me very comfortable, and by comfortable, I mean that the amenities were at my finger tips. Including the gym, fully equipped with treadmills. The downfall to this is that I didn’t run outside because I was spoiling myself with the treadmill. This is no bueno, seeing as running on a treadmill is completely different from the conditions you encounter when running outdoors. So, since moving into a new house, I have been hitting the streets for my morning runs. Let’s just say I am glad to have seester there to push me to the finish. 
Oh, today I went to the allergist to find out why I have a tick in my throat…no, not an actual tick as in a “critter,” but a constant “ahem” (a la Meredith in The Family Stone). Yep, I am pretty annoyed with myself. Anyway, turns out that it is acid reflux. What the what? Prevacid here I come!
Seester leaves tomorrow which makes me sad.
One, because I will miss her Ipod. We rap Eminem, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, and Nikki Manaj, at the top of our lungs. 
Mind you, we do this while cruising around in her 2006 VW cream-colored Bug. What did you expect and Escalade with spinners. No, we roll true white girl style.
 Two, being spending “quality” seester time with her. This usually involves getting our nails did and trying to decipher what conversations the nail technicians are having about us.
BTW, I am obsessed with purple nails.
It’s been a gloomy day, but I love my kitchen window. 
It’s so nice to have natural light coming in while I cook and bake. 
 Plus, it makes for really bright and colorful food pics.
Roasted some bell peppers and poblanos to go along with dinner tonight.
My parents are going to be thrilled. I love roasting peppers. Seriously, tastes like candy.
Hope your Tuesday is going great!
Tell me one thing you did today!

What do you do for exercise? Do you like to workout indoor or outdoor? With someone or alone?