Thursday Things.

Happy Thursday y’all!
I started my day with a wet and humid 3 mile run through the neighborhood w/ the momma. Just picture me in an over sized Huntington Beach hoodie covering my freshly blow dried hair running down the block. 
That could definitely be dangerous because I’m pretty sure I look like I was stealing something. 
Haha. JK. 
Let’s talk about things that are making my world go round’ lately. 
If you don’t know them, you should definitely check on this. Like NOW! Let’s just talk about how these are the greatest, and I mean GREATEST energy bars of like…pretty much all time. In all the world, even. That’s pretty special. Anyhoo, why are they sooooo amazing? The bars are 100% raw, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and soy-free. What what? Holler! Oh, oh and the icing on the cake…their wrappers are 100% compostable. BEST OF ALL? Few ingredients…all that you can pronounce…unless, well you need to go back to school to get an edumacation. Just saying. Oh, purchase online…or find a location! All of their bars are ahmazing, but I am going to say one thing, and one thing only: Cashew Fig Carrot…just trust me. Head on over to their blog to enter their Energosiacs Giveaway. Today is that last day to enter…but don’t freak b/c for the entire month of February they are offering 25% off purchases of the Cashew Fig Carrot bar when you order online! Boo-yah! Now, that’s what I call love. 
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This, well, this speaks for itself. Probably the BEST coconut butter I have tasted in a loooong time. Unless, I make my own of course ;). No, seriously Nikki definitely knows what is up. This is a healthy indulgence so dig in
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I’m pretty sure the name speaks for itself. 
Ummmmm Green Apple Ginger is my fave! Just throwing that out there. 
This is one of the purest kombucha’s out there…meaning no extra ingredients. You can actually taste the Kombucha! That’s what I’m talking about. Also, bonus points go Holy Kombucha for donating 10% of proceeds to Sow the Seed, which helps provide food and housing to children directly affected by human trafficking. If that’s not a reason to purchase, I don’t know you 🙂
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Paleo lovers rejoice! 
A paleo bread that is gluten-free, grain-free, yeast-free, dairy-free, soy-free, low calorie, high protein, high fiber, low in carbs, and starch free (whew that is a lot of frees!). My favorite flavor is the Coconut Bread. I mean, duh. 
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Gluten-free, vegan, raw, non-GMO pure ingredient snack of goodness! No, greatness! Check out their Miracle Tarts…they are seriously miraculous. But seriously, all of their products are worth trying!
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