Running Things.

Happy Saturday all!
I am off to the Chevron Houston Marathon and Half Marathon Runner’s Expo today. Am I running the marathon? Well…no, but I am a runner, that is if you consider three miles around the block at a pretty leisurely pace running. Hey, the effort is there, right? Honestly, I am more excited about the Larabar vendor handing me a pound of mini-larabars than anything having to do with running long distances or just running in general. Anyway, it should be one hell of a time with the momma and seester. This past week has been fantastic, and I just want to apologize for the missing Friday Link Love post yesterday. It has been pretty busy round’ these here parts so writing a post yesterday just wasn’t going to happen. In other news, I have been blog stalking some running/or um fitness blogs, or ummmm food and fitness blogs.? Lately, I have been reading my home girl Aubrey’s blog, she is absolutely hilarious, knows her food (she is a culinary student, duh!), and definitely knows a thing or two about running. You should definitely read her blog, especially if you like to run, or just want to know a thing or two about running. She also has some killer kick-your-ass workouts. Just in case you want to get started on your New Year resolutions and all, no pressure. Anyway, just thought I would tell you what you need to be doing today. Because I am the boss, and I run things. You should go out and run, eat, read Aubrey’s blog, make some of her killer recipes, o yea, and eat some more. In the meantime, check out this video…absolutely fell over in the chair laughing.