Birthday Amore.

Good Monday Morning all!

As you may have heard, Thursday was my birthday. However, I chose not to really celebrate it until Friday night. And by celebrate I mean have a nice birthday dinner with the fam. That is just what I did. The Friday night festivities were pretty ah-mazing. Before dinner, momma, seester, and I did a little shopping. My mom bought me a new cake stand for my birthday. I can’t wait to show it off. I know, I am so lame. Anyway, dinner was celebrated at my one of my fave “Italian” restaurants, Nino’s. In addition to my parents and seester, I invited a few of my cousins along for the birthday fun. The food was amazing as usual.

I pre-gamed with a good glass of Riesling…or two.
 I pretty much felt like a celebrity, ya know drinking a bottle of wine that doesn’t come from a grocery store. Plus, drinking out of a wine glass instead of a paper cup is so lady-like. Points!
The appetizer was the traditional Antipasti Platter. Meat, Cheese, and Bread. The regular staples.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap any more food photos. I know, disappointing. Let me just tell you what I ate b/c it was pretty freakin’ perfect: A salad of mixed greens, with a quarter roasted chicken…the chicken skin was crispy, and the meat so moist, hell I was surprised I didn’t eat the damn bone! I got pretty close though! I also order a side of roasted green beans, sauteed in olive oil, and dusted with fresh Parmesan. These weren’t your green beans that come in a can…nope! To make my meal even more tasty than it already was, I ordered the bakes eggplant appetizer, which was top notch! It was three round layers of perfectly baked eggplant, each layer spread with goat cheese just oozing out the sides, and melted to perfection. The best part? The subtly sweet, and mildly tangy marinara sauce poured over the top of the eggplant tower. Oh my word. I could have literally licked the plate. I did my best to mind my manners, using my spoon to scoop up as much of the sauce as I could!

Here are some pics of the night: 

Momma and Seester

Daddy and Momma

Daddy and I

Seester and I

Family Photo with the Cousins!

3 Men + 2 Ladies