Exciting News!

Happy Wednesday y’all!
This week is already super busy for me. Between work and school I haven’t really found the time to take a breath. I nearly fell asleep with my school books on top of me last night! Haha! Anyway, yesterday I checked my email to find an email from the Assistant Editor of Whole Foods Market Cooking congratulating me on being one of the two finalists in their BEST RIBS contest. I mean, I actually couldn’t believe that my first rib recipe made it into a contest! Wait…I totally could because those ribs were absolutely ah-mazing! 
I would love for you to head on over to vote for my Chipotle Brown Sugar Pork Ribs with Peach Cider Barbecue Sauce. If I win I will be honored with a Q & A Session on the Whole Foods Market Cooking Website. That would be totally life-changing for me, and this little thing of mine I like to call a food blog where I tell you all about my life and share recipes of what I think you should eat. Hahah. So, vote for me, puh-lease. Oh, and then try the recipe because they are by far some of the best, fall off the bone, ribs I have ever eaten! I just might have a giveaway for all of you tomorrow…is that a bribe? Totally.