Happy Thursday y’all!
You know what really bugs me? People who don’t listen. Say hypothetically, you went to get your hair did, and you told your hairdresser (whom you have never been to before) that you just wanted a little trim off the ends of your hair. Let’s just change this to present tense since we know it is me that I am talking about. Yea, so I went to Ulta for a haircut and style on Tuesday, only because my mom had some amazing free points from a nail polish binge that allowed her to receive a free haircut and style at the salon there. Lucky for me, my mom is faithful to her hairdresser and I am her only dependent kid at home so BOOM! 
Anyway, I told the hair lady that I wanted just a trim…if you know me, my locks are my pride and joy, I don’t like change blah, blah, blah. Apparently a trim meant a 1/2 in., then a little more, then maybe I will add some layers and thin it out for you to make it easy for you to style…oh wait, you didn’t want that?! Before I knew it my hair went from being at my stomach, to right at my boobs. To say that I had a mental freak attack is spot on. Seeing as my hair grows fast, I just told myself that it would be back in no time. 
So, that is my rant for today. Had to get that out. Thanks for listening. 
Today is going to be SUPER busy for me, so no recipes, lucky for you.
I LOVE LARABAR. It’s not a secret. I have done a giveaway on the blog before with their traditional larabars. Now, it’s time to change things up. Larabar has a new line of bars out called UBER bars. 
If you think you like Larabar’s…these new Uber bars…well, they are UBER tasty!
Like, seriously. 
So, guess what? You get a chance to win a 16-count box of their new flavors (that’s 4 of each flavor!).

I highly recommend the Bananas Foster flavor…it’s like well…eating Bananas Foster…in a bar. Each bar is equally delicious, chock full of a variety of nuts and dried fruit and good for you…and gluten-free? Oh, and it’s like having your cake and eating it too…healthy but satisfies your sweet tooth with a dessert-like feeling. Ca-peesh? Boom!
How, freaking awesome is that?
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5. Tweet the Giveaway: “I just entered @misschelsmangia Uber @larabar giveaway! You should too:!”
I will announce the winner on Monday!


Happy Friday People!!!

Yes. I said it. It’s about to go down, right here, right now…Mangia’s first giveaway, compliments of the fine folks over at Larabar. It is no secret that I am absolutely positively in LOVE with Larabar. I swear this is not a paid advertisement. In fact, I sought out the Larabar rep’s to so kindly allow me to do a giveaway on my blog. Guess what? They said yes! Now comes the part where I talk about why Larabar is so ah-mazingly awesome. 

1. Larabars are made from whole foods! What the what? Yes, I said it. Each bar has no more than 9 ingredients in it. Who would have thought that something would taste soooo good made from unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices. Get out of town!
2. Larabars are GLUTEN-FREE! So, naturally anyone can enjoy them!
3. They come in a variety of yummy flavors…Coconut Cream Pie is my favorite. However, one of the newest flavors, Cappuccino, blew me right out of the water!  No joke.
4. Did I mention how healthy Larabars are? Besides being gluten free, they are kosher, vegan, vegetarian, suitable for a raw diet, and high in good carbs. I would definitely say that Larabars give me that extra energy I need to get over that slump in the middle of my day. I have definitely busted a few miles out after eating one of these babies. Soooo good!
5. You can do so many things with Larabars. I add one chopped up Larabar to my Greek yogurt for a snack. The possibilities are endless.
6. Larabar is just all around awesome! Plus, they are allowing me to do this giveaway, which makes them even more awesome.

So, what is it that you win exactly? ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive a variety box of 6 Larabar’s and 1 Larabar t-shirt…i am soooo jealous. 

Check it out!

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6. Link back to this giveaway. 

I will announce the winner on Friday, February 10th, at 8 a.m. Central Time.