It’s Complicated

Happy Thursday all!

Normally, I would never post anything negative on my blog. And I am not going to. My blog is a happy place, where I want to do nothing more than talk on and on about food, how much I love it, and how awesome my life is with food. Food completes me. Anyway, today I want to talk about something completely off the topic from food, well, sort of, kind of. 

You see, inevitably this conversation will lead into food. It always does. Did I say conversation? I meant more of a “rant”. Here goes nothing. 

Yesterday I got a tip off about a job in my field, Kinesiology, that is, that would have been the perfect job for me. And by perfect I mean absolutely freaking perfect, the location was less than 3 miles from my house and I had all of the qualifications and experience specific to the job description (or so I thought). Anyway, I didn’t get so hyped up about the job because I have the experience to know that you don’t always get what you want. In this case, I didn’t get the job. I received the email from H.R. a little over an hour ago stating that I did not meet either the qualification, education, etc. etc. for the position. Excuse me? I don’t think so. 

By the looks of my resume and job application I fit the demands and requirements of the job position to a t. Needless to say, I am pretty disappointed, not like the emotional basket case I just broke up with my boy friend and now I must go eat my body weight in Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla while I watch The Notebook over and over again kind of disappointed. No, it’s more of like an I am so frustrated I could run a marathon and I still wouldn’t burn off my anger disappointed. Okay, so I guess I am exaggerating just a little. Nonetheless, you get it, I am pretty darn upset about this one.

 The kicker is I replied to the email with one question: “Could you please inform me as to what qualifications I am lacking for the job position? Thank you. Warmly, Chelsy Ethridge.” At least if they reply with an answer I will know what to work on to obtain a similar job position in the future. You’d think with a college degree I would have a field in my major by now! Surprise, surprise…think again. Anyway, I will continue to look at this as just another one of life’s lessons: Everything Happens for a Reason. Maybe the job really wasn’t what I was looking for in the end and God has better plans for me. I have a variety of things that I want to do with my life in terms of my career. Here are some of my life’s aspirations, let me know what you think. 

1. Personal Trainer: Right now I am currently studying for my ACE personal trainer certification. Of course I love everything about it…it’s basically a refresher course of what I majored in. Anyway, if you know me, you know that I love me some fitness. I would love nothing more than to help others reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most likely I will start by working at a gym so that I can attain a clientele. However; I would eventually love to branch out and start my own company, perhaps one that couples personal training with healthy fitness meals. Kind of like a food for fitness concept. I would also love to work in corporate fitness as well. I did an internship and I looooved it! Maybe Whole Foods needs a personal trainer for their employees?
2. Food editor for a Food Magazine (Example, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Gluten-Free Living, etc.): I know that my major was not journalism, but I love to write, in fact, I have been writing ever since I can remember. To be able to write about food…as my job….get out of here! That is seriously the icing on the cake. I have been through all sorts of avenues to apply for a food editor position, but have received no response, at least not a positive one. I will keep trying. 

3. Professional Food Blogger: Haha! This one cracks me up, seeing as I don’t even have the funds to make my blog look gorgeous, much less be paid to run the blog because I have a jazillion followers. Let’s just say, these women are my idols

4. Owner of a Bakery and Catering Company: This is my ultimate dream. Go rent the movie It’s Complicated. Meryl Streep’s character owns the bakery that I want. Well, something like it I suppose. 

5. Working for a company like Whole Foods, or Larabar: These are examples of two companies who pride themselves on providing the community with wholesome quality ingredients. Being a Kinesiology major, not only do I believe in maintaining an active lifestyle, but also a healthy diet. This includes nourishing your body with those healthy, “feel good” foods. Hey, if it works for me, it can work for anybody. We all know I have an extreme sweet tooth. I already spend 5 days a week shopping at Whole Foods, working  on their research/development team would be a dream. I already have a background working in marketing, so I say bring it on!

6. My own show on the Food Network about cooking/baking gluten-free: Hello, this is a given.

The job hunt continues! 

In the meantime, I will pop my Red Velvet Cupcakes in the oven. Cooking and Baking is my medicine.