Thank Goodness for Fashion.

Okay, okay. Here we go. You know I’m all about the food. But seriously…did you know that I’m all about the fashion too. My dream would be to cater like the biggest runway show with the biggest designer names. When I was little I totally wanted to be one of those Ralph Lauren model’s, you know the ones who look like the girl next door, only in boyfriend jeans and a pink polo t-shirt, with the most perfectly groomed eyebrows I’ve ever seen. Yea, I was totally all over it. Anyhoo, I thought why not create a post about what I would wear for various Thanksgiving events. Because if I think I can tell you what to eat, I sure as heck can tell you what to wear, right? Well, I can at least force my opinion on what I think you should wear. So, here goes nothing. 

Family Thanksgiving’s are all about casual wear…you will normally find me in an sweater or sweater dress with my stretchy legging’s on…only because I need room for extra pie. 

If you aren’t near family this year, or are going to a friends, or hosting your own friends-giving, this is what you should wear. Like totally. You definitely need a sweet, and simple updo, especially if you are hosting. Tiny strands of hair in the pecan pie is no fun. 🙂 You also need some flats for extra comfortable-ness. IMPORTANT, LISTEN UP: you need an alcoholic beverage for yourself, and for your guests while they wait for the meal to be served. 

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Are you hanging out in your sweats or going to a fancy party, or are you hosting the party and will most likely be in your apron and covered with turkey basting juice?