Did It Myself

Happy Tuesday y’all!
Today we are going to switch things up a bit.
Let’s talk about do it yourself projects. 
Things are about to get really really ridiculously real.
I was asked a few weeks ago by one of my friends to contribute to the silent auction for a fundraiser. 
Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved for a cause that I care so deeply about. 
Plus, I got to put a cute valentines day-ish basket together for the auction. 
My basket contained tons of things to help you get your relaxation on, like loofahs, a neck and back massager, homemade sweet treats, and watch out world…
a d.i.y. coconut sugar scrub.

3-ingredients whaaaaaaaat?

A scrub that doesn’t have a ja-zillion + 1 ingredients(es)…the majority of which you and I both cannot pronounce. 

Plus, it smells like you are vacationing on a tropical island where all you do is sip margaritas under huge palm trees. 

That’s definitely a place I want to be. 

Warning: this stuff is edible and actually tasty. But use it on your skin.
You can thank me later. 
You might also want to give this to a special someone for Valentine’s Day.
Just a thought. 🙂
3-ingredient Coconut Sugar Scrub:
1/2 c. raw coconut sugar
2 T. melted coconut oil
1/2 t. pure Mexican vanilla extract
1. Mix everything together in a small bowl until you reach a paste like consistency. The sugar will start to clump together and everything will be evenly distributed.
2. Rub on skin with warm water for best results.
Makes 1/2 c. of sugar scrub.