Well shit. Excuse my French. It’s been a helluva 30 years y’all and guess what? I’ve been ready for 30 since before i can remember.

I’m just gonna jump right into it & share 30 things that I’ve learned over my living.

Hold tight.

Also, shoutout to my dad for being the best dad ever and taking these photos of me. I have dubbed him my insta dad since I don’t have an insta husband.

1. I can never say this enough…never judge someone. You have no idea what they have been through/are going through.

2. You will do anything for someone if you love them. Now, this goes for family and friends but when it comes to relationships, it goes much deeper. It’s a selfless kind of love. The kind of love where you don’t think twice, don’t look back, just do it without questions kind of love.

3. It is possible to be in a relationship and not be in love with the person you are in a relationship with. I learned this firsthand last year. I never thought i could feel absolutely nothing for someone. It makes it worse when the guy is Mr. Perfect. But you know what? I don’t want Mr. Perfect. I want Mr. All Wrong but Mr. All Right at the same time. I want to love someone through their flaws. If he smokes, i will let him smoke. If he gets shit-faced at the rodeo and holds an empty wine bottle up in the air while singing a Hank Williams song at the top of his lungs, i wanna be right there asking him to pour me another glass and swing me around the dance floor. I want someone that gets under my skin, who makes me question everything I have ever believed about love. I want to be the girl that makes the guy she loves feel reckless and out of control but also safe and cared for at the same time. I want long talks and movie nights til the a.m. and Sunday’s just laying in bed all day doing absolutely nothing (well, maybe watching football). I want a Sunday kind of love, a love to last past Saturday night (if ya know these lyrics I love u).

4. It is possible to break someones heart. It doesn’t matter how sweet you are, breaking up with someone whose feelings are deeper than yours…it’s gonna kill them, or leave them pretty bruised.

5. Step outside your boundaries. Take a couple of whiskey shots with your best friend, shake your booty on the dance floor like no one is watching, get drunk and walk ten blocks to a 24-hr Vietnamese restaurant at 3 a.m. with your friends (yes, this did happen…see the whiskey shot reference above), stay out all night dancing and end up in a hot tub, take an uber home at 6 a.m. w/ your best friend after said hot tub experience, hair still soaking wet, wearing someones basketball clothes, sleep for two hours, put on some ray bands and go show some houses because it’s your job and you still have responsibilities. Be carefree and wild, but also be careful. Know your surroundings…as my dad would say.

6. You are not 21. You cannot stay out past midnight on consecutive nights during rodeo season because your immune system will crash due to lack of sleep and an excess of fun.

7. Bone broth has healing powers. See numero seis. It got me through being sick w/o having to take meds. There is magical fairy powers in it.

8. You my dear, inherited yo line dancing skills from your grandma…line dance like it’s the last time you are gonna hear “boot scoot & boogie” by Brooks & Dunn. Scuff your boots up til they start talkin’. Don’t listen to anyone when they tell you that you need a new pair (ahem…your mother (even though she is probably right)).

9. You are beautiful without makeup & in fact, get more compliments without it. Have more makeup free days. Let yo pores breathe guh.

10. It is possible to have guy friends. It is also possible to have friends who are guys that think you are more than friends. Make sure you let em know…strictly friendship…set boundaries. You may find that some of your guy friends are excellent advice givers, especially when it comes to guy situations. They have a male brain and can tell you what a man is saying via his actions.

11. I have some power ninja skills when it comes to finding out anything via social media. U think yo boyfriend is cheating? Oh girl…i gotchu. I’m on some Carmen San Diego/Jerry Springer shit.

12. It is possible to be best friends with someone who you have known for a few months (now a little over a year). Hit up my instagram. Amber is all over it.

13. Get you a friend that tells you what you don’t want to hear. Honesty is the best policy & let me tell y’all…can make a world of a difference when making decisions. Get you a friend that lectures you worse than your mother does after she found out that you underage drank at a country western dancehall when you were 16.

14. Set aside time for God. Talk to him, do a bible study alone or with a friend, pray, go to church, write a prayer in a journal. However you choose to do it, do it everyday. Your relationship with God is the best one that you will ever have. Sorry not sorry if I’m offending people by speaking about God on my blog. Unfollow me.

15. It is possible to hurt for someone. A very special person shared something with me this year that made my heart sink, not because i was hurt, because i hurt for them. I have never wanted to take someones pain away from them. But ya know what? Instead i prayed. I prayed while i was talking to him and i pray every single day to make his pain go away and to give him peace of mind.

16. It is impossible to lose your relationship with your sister. Every time my baby sis and i are together, it’s like we were never apart. We drive each other nuts, we are complete opposites, but we do the nicest things for one another and we love each other to the core. I would drive a million miles to sit with her and do absolutely nothing. I miss living with her & going on morning runs & trips to Whole Foods where we would eat our body weight in the hot foods bar & drink unlimited amounts of coffee.

17. Being rich or having an amazing job has nothing to do with happiness. Do what you want and what you love to do and that will make you happy.

18. Your parents will never stop being there for you. Even if one or both of you have had an argument and aren’t speaking. Call them. They will know what to do. And if they don’t, they will help calm your fears.

19. Your father will always see you as his “little girl.” I have tried, time & time again to convince my dad that i am an adult & he cannot always protect me, but he will always see me as that little girl w/ her hair in a long pony tail on top of her head, dancing in the living room & singing into a hairbrush to a Celine Dion song. He also tells me over and over again, “rest assured that if anyone hurts you, they will hurt.” I swear my dad is an engineer and not part of the mafia.

20. Nights out or in w/ your best girlfriends are essential to life the older that you get. Going through a breakup? Chances are that you can call any of them and they will sit and listen to you cry and hug you and pass you the bottle of wine. They will also tell you that you are too good for said guy and that you can do better even when they know that you are still in love with him. Chances are that any one of them also has a similar story. But remember that the door swings both ways. You need to be there for your friends when they go through their crap. They may even be in the wrong, but you can still be there to listen & give your advice. They value it, believe me.

21. Quality time with your mother is necessary. I have made it my job to have a girls dinner or brunch with my mom at least once or twice a month. If your mom is anything like mine, she is loving, but isn’t afraid to hit you with the “this is reality & life sucks” one-two punch. I value her opinion above all & she makes me a better person by allowing me to see all the sides to each situation.

22. Open your mind to every damn genre of music there is. I’ve been this way since I was little. I was raised on Texas blues/rock and country music and I listen to everything from freaking Drake to Allan Jackson to Tyler Childers to Cody Johnson to Doyle Brahmall II (GOOGLE him…his music will change yo life. You are welcome).

23. Don’t hide your talents. I’ve been singing since I knew how to talk. Share that voice girl, even if you are out of pitch on something. Your vocal flaws are beautiful and characteristic of your ability to not care about what others think.

24. Cooking and baking are therapeutic. I make my best food when I’m not following a recipe. Had a crappy day at work? Make a 3 course (to die for) meal that will make some guy want to wife you up. God, I’m hilarious.

25. Espresso is your best friend. Been out all night with friends and have to be up for work? Espresso. Lazy day and need something to kick your ass into high gear? Espresso. Just because? Espresso. I usually take it straight but if I want something sweet, I put a little homemade vanilla blue bell in it or some whipped cream. Ayyyyyyyye.

26. Choose yourself. Choose yourself every.damn.day. You come first before anyone else. If you don’t know yourself, get to know yourself. The best relationship is the one you have with yourself first. Don’t drag anyone into your life when you don’t have your shit together. It will be a complete and utter shit show, now just with two people instead of one. Do things for yourself as well. I started listening to a podcast at the beginning of 2017 called the Pleasure Monkey Podcast. It was started by a friend that I used to work with. I am also apart of the FB community group where we jump on a live call every Wednesday night to talk about anything and everything. Y’all. I never missed a damn call. The topics are soooo good & it became very therapeutic for me to talk things out and see that other ppl are going through similar life happenings.

27. Quit apologizing or “saying sorry.” I used to say it all the time & I still say it. Don’t apologize for being yourself. Do apologize if you truly hurt someone. Be unapologetically yourself all the time & if people don’t love the real you…that’s their problem.

28. Stand up for yourself. Y’all i cannot stress this enough. I witnessed an incident a few weeks ago & for a moment, i stood there waiting on something to happen until it clicked…”wtf are you doing Chels? You don’t have time for this stuff.” So, i removed myself from the situation and never looked back.

29. Do not under any circumstances fight over a guy with another girl, especially in public & under the influence of alcohol. It’s a giant mess y’all. I can proudly say that i will never be that girl who gets shit faced and yells obscenities in a bar. Hell, i might get tipsy and have myself a good ole dancing time but I’m not about to look like a desperate hot mess.

30. Don’t worship God when everything is going wrong in your life. Worship him all the time, when life is good, bad, ugly, amazing…all the time. He’s not just a friend that you call when you need help. He is always there so pay him some respect.

31(one to grow on). See that handsome pup in all my pics? He knows my life. I hurt. He hurts. I’m happy, he’s happy. A dog is your best friend. Get you one.