25 Things.

Today is my 25th buuuuurfday!

My day of birth if you will.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to play a fun little game with myself and entertain you with 25 things that I have learned over my existence. Obviously, these are just a select few things. I have learned quite a bit.

I originally had a post about cake. However, I will save that little treat for Monday 🙂

Here goes nothing. 

1. Don’t be selfish, especially when it comes to your parent’s decisions regarding your future as a teenager. They know knew  still know what is best. It will come back to bite you in the ass and you will be kicking yourself in the future.
2. Don’t spend your time trying to please others, do what’s right for YOU, what will make YOU happy. 
3. On that note, my true happiness is all that matters.
4. Being picky when it comes to finding the right guy is not a character flaw…YOU deserve THE BEST!
5. On that note, ignoring/being rude/acting like a former crush (who treated you like crap when you were younger but then hello 21, Chelsy is actually good looking and I think I might try and approach her) is invisible does nothing to help the situation. Oh, and BTW’s it only makes you bitter when he finds the love of his life, and it’s not you.
6. Mean girls in jr. high will be kicking themselves in the ass when you grow up to be a stronger, prettier, and more decent human being than they will ever be.
7. Choose not one, but several parts of your body, and find what is beautiful about each and every one of them. Do this every day.
8. Your parents are human and are capable of mistakes. 
9. Forgive, but never forget. Soooooo true. But hey, don’t throw that back in the person’s face either, Jack!
10. Wear yoga/stretchy pants every.single.day. No one will know that you ate 3 slices of cake yesterday. Plus, you can hop from the gym to the couch in seconds. 
11. Go a couple of days without make up. Let your true beauty shine. Your skin needs a breather and it isn’t necessary to look like a New Jersey House wive
12. Money isn’t everything. It doesn’t buy happiness.
13. Never steal, cheat, or lie. Your conscience will be the only thing bruised, even if no one finds out. 
14. Anxiety is overrated. Calm the f* down!
15. On that note, try to be spontaneous once in a while. 
16. No matter what a family member has done/said in the past…if they need you, be there 100%. ALWAYS.
17. Sing at the top of your lungs in the shower, car, and in the super market aisles (only a little softer then).
18. Dance your ass off every chance you get. This includes going dance crazy at weddings.
19. Go outside of your comfort zone. You never know what you might miss.
20. If God brought you to it, he will bring you through it. 
21. Sleeping in is good for your body every once in a while.
22. Run in the rain every chance you get.
23. No matter how your day is going…a cup of coffee will fix it. That, and a pint of fro-yo. And peanut butter. And maybe some barbecue. Maybe. 😉
24. Gather whatever knowledge you can from your grandparents while they are alive. Listen to them fully. They know lots of shit. Oh, and watch your grandmothers’ every move in the kitchen. Your Czech g-ma knows what’s up with a poorboy, king ranch chicken, and pasta salad. Oh, and your Italian g-ma knows a thing or two about cooking too. 
25. Envy and jealousy are thieves of happiness. Someone’s life may seem picture perfect on the outside, but on the inside they may be crying out for help. Appreciate what you have.

This all being said: bring on the wine and cake!