Easy and Nutritious Beef Bone Broth

Happy October y’all!

I’m sad to announce that summer is over and that means winter is right around the corner. It’s already getting super chilly with temperatures dropping to the 50s. Since there’s nothing better than getting warmed up by a hot cup of bone broth, I figured it’s the perfect time to show off my new beef bone broth recipe!

First off, this bone broth recipe is the real deal. It’s not the same as the ones you buy at the grocery store. This beef bone broth recipe is full of vegetables and animal bones that have been cooked for a looong time. For the readers who don’t know about bone broth, here’s a quick bone broth 101!

Animal bones are jam packed with a protein called collagen. But since we can’t digest bones, we need to simmer the bones in water for 12-24 hours to break down the collagen into a more digestible form called gelatin. It’s this gelatin that has many amino acids and antioxidants that are great for improving your joints, gut, and for detoxing your liver.

Now the only crappy thing about this recipe is the long cooking times. It’s super easy to make, but it takes a lot of time and patience. Also, depending where you live, it’s tough to get high quality bones. You’ll want to make sure the beef bones you use are grass-fed to ensure it comes from a healthy animal.

So if you’re like me and want to consume bone broth regularly, but have a hard time setting aside the time, Kettle & Fire is a great alternative! The ingredients they use are very high quality, but most importantly, they’re shelf-stable so you can stock up your pantry with bone broth for when you’re too lazy to make your own. Check them out on their website and if you use the promo code “MANGIA15”, you’ll get 15% off your first order!

Anyways, let’s get started with the recipe! First you’ll want to preheat your oven to 400F. While you wait for the oven to heat up, place your mixed bones on a baking tray and drizzle with oil.


Once the oven is nice and toasty, place the baking tray with the bones in for 30 minutes on each side, for a total of 1 hour.


While the bones are getting nice and roasted, start chopping up your carrots, celery and onions.


When the bones are finally ready and your veggies are chopped, combine it all into a large stockpot. You’ll then add enough water so it covers all the ingredients by a couple inches.


Cover the stockpot with a lid and put it on HIGH setting until it comes to a rapid simmer. Then you’ll want to lower it to LOW setting and let it simmer for 12-24 hours. Go to bed or take a nap, you deserve it!

After 12-24 hours, your house should start smelling like bone broth. Don’t worry, it’s an amazing smell! Turn off your stockpot and start draining out all the bones & vegetables into a strainer.


I personally like to store it in mason jars so I can refrigerate it. Whenever I want some bone broth, all I have to do is reheat it and I’m good to go.


Check out this adorable step-by-step video and get cooking!

Easy and Nutritious Beef Bone Broth


3 to 4 pounds of mixed beef bones (short ribs, oxtails, knuckles, and neck bones)

2 carrots

3 celery stalks

2 yellow onions

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 bay leaf

olive oil


  1. Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Place mixed bones in a single layer on a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil.
  1. Place the tray in the oven, roasting for 30 minutes on each side
  1. Roughly chop up the celery, carrots and onions.
  1. Combine all the ingredients into a stockpot and cover with water so that the ingredients are under 2 inches of water.
  1. Turn your stockpot to a high setting until it comes to a rapid simmer, then reduce the heat to low. Cover the broth and let it simmer on low for 12 to 24 hours.
  1. Strain the bones and veggies. Store the broth in mason jars and let it cool to room temperature. Once cooled, place it in the fridge to chill. Scrape off any solidified fat that rises to the top before using.
  1. Reheat your bone broth for a steaming cup you can sip on its own, or use it as a powerful ingredient in your favorite recipes.

Serves about 4-6 people


Tuesday Ten

I’m keeping my promise and we are going to keep up with this Tuesday Ten business.

Uno: If you live in Houston, come hang out with me at Tacolandia.

I mean, beer + tacos + me…winning combo. 😉

Dos: I had breakfast with my cousin a few Sunday’s ago. I have a million + one first cousins on my Italian side, but this dude is basically my brother. I’m pretty protective over him b/c he technically is two years younger than me. Long story short: his psycho ex-gf if trying to screw him out of a joint company social media acct. that they share. Plus, she is like 40-something. Not cool. Real mature of her. Are you in 1st grade? I wouldn’t give her that much credit.

Tres: I had a mini heart attack as my fave guitarist of all time has released an album after what seems like a century hiatus and I’m going to see him in concert in November. Here’s some background history: Doyle Brahmall II. His dad was also a famous guitarist and he grew up with Stevie Ray Vaughn in Austin. When Vaughn passed, Brahmall II formed a band called Arc Angels with Vaughn’s Double Trouble duo Tommy Shannon + Chris Layton and another badass guitarist, Charlie Sexton. The group split b/c of drug issues/typical rockstar stuff in the late 90’s. Anyway, my dad raised me on this Tx blues/rock music and I’ve been following Doyle ever since. Should be a rocking good time. See what I did there?

Quattro: Football season (uhhhh pre-season) has begun and I’m already obsessed. It’s definitely the Texas girl in me. I grew up on the Houston Oilers + Dallas Cowboys. I don’t associate with the Texans except for JJ Watt b/c do I really have to explain that one? So, Dallas has a special place in my heart. This crazed, yelling, cursing woman comes out in me and I start yelling at the refs on the t.v. I will invite you over for chili and cornbread and we can watch a game when it’s not sweltering hot outside.

Cinco: Speaking of hot, it’s like a freaking sauna here in Houston. Plus, it’s been raining for what seems like a decade. I have barely seen the outside. It’s a nightmare.

Seis: I keep running into ppl I went to high school with. F.Y.I. this year I will have been out of high school ten years. It’s a strange feeling. It’s kind of like, “oh, hi…I remember when you used to talk shit about me and didn’t even know me, but look at me now” feeling mixed with a “it’s so good to see you” or “it’s so good to see that you are eating your words” feeling. 😉

Siete: I’ve been having headaches associated with drinking too much coffee. But I don’t necessarily want to pop a ton of migraine meds so I have been using lavender oils. Yes, my mom taught me this. Yes, she’s a genius. Yes, this is my hippie side of life. No drugs for me. Unless I’m about to have a child. Then, give me all the meds in the world.

Ocho: I need a freaking vacation, but staycation. Austin is my home away from home, so I am feeling a weekend trip coming up soon. Coupe and I need some down time. Pool + trail hikes + massage + room service is the best medicine.

Nueve: I miss my baby seester. She is a colorodoian (?) or boulderian now and our texts now consist of her asking me for the netflix password.

Diez: I have been drinking decaf americano’s lately so as to avoid too much caffeine intake and it’s a sad, sad, shame.

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Tuesday Ten


Today we are starting a new series on the blog called the Tuesday Ten.

Basically, it’s about anything that is on my mind.

Who knows if this will be weekly, because LIFE.

But, let’s just focus on today.

Uno: I was headed to work last Wednesday morning when I realized that my car was missing from my apartment parking garage. Yes, it was stolen. Yes, the police found it.

After seeing it’s condition, I don’t want it back from the body shop.

People suck.

Dos: I have been taking Coupe on long walks during the evening and let’s go over his breed. He is an English Lab. This basically means he is a short, stocky version of an American lab. Do people even do their dog breed research? There are french bulldogs and english bulldogs. So, there are english and american labs. Get it? Big difference. Oh, and if someone asks me if he is a basset hound mix again, I might just exercise my WWE Diva skills.


Tres: No matter how terrible you look, snap chat filters will make you look like you just came from a day at the salon.

Snap chat has your back.


Quattro: I became a Beachbody coach a couple of weeks ago and Shakeology is my life. It’s sooooooo good. I’m also kicking my own ass doing 21 day fix workouts.

Supplemental income is always nice.

Cinco: My current dating situation is lackluster. Please Lord, just send me a tall, sweet, “has his crap together” man who wants a commitment (meaning eventually wants to get married). I’m not talking tomorrow, either.

Seis: I just made an 8 month plan for work/apt lease/where the hell am I going next.

I’m super proud of it.

Siete: I will be 29 in exactly 6 months. I’m not sure if I’m excited or dreading that this is the last year of my 20’s. I mean, I was just in high school last week, right?

Ocho: No matter how old my mother gets, I learn that she never actually ages. This woman can drink me under the table, dance all night long, and run 12 miles on a Saturday because that is so much fun.

Nueve: After 10 years, my mac laptop bit the dust. I got a macbook air. Life is changed. I have the aston martin of laptops and I don’t know how I ever owned something that felt like 10 bricks on my lap.

Diez: I have had a cavity in my mouth for about 6 years and am rescheduling my appt that I have for today for sometime in the near future. What’s a couple more weeks?


Adulting 101

Soooooooooo…I’m 28, so I have been “adulting” for some time now.

And I still struggle with it.


So, if this is you. No worries, I’m about to help y’all out.

But seriously…adulting is a constant thorn in my side.

I have days where I want to come home from work, kick off my heels, and just watch Netflix re-runs of The Hills, Full House, Gossip Girl, or One Tree Hill. That’s the kid in me.

That laundry can wait, right?

I have been so busy with work and life lately that whenever I start a new load of wash, I add them to my already dried clothes in the dryer and just dry them all together again.

Because why? Because I don’t want to fold anything.

P.S. that crap your mom told you about how your clothes would smell bad if you kept drying them is a myth. Throw 10,000 dryer sheets in there and you will smell like lavender rain all day.

A couple of months ago, I decided to drop my classes at my local university because I realized that I was in school not because I wanted to go back and get another degree, but because I was stuck in the “I have no idea what I want to do with my life” phase.

I have cycled through this phase a zillion times, but I feel now that I am on the right track.

Plus, I already have a bachelor’s degree soooooooo dropping college wasn’t a big deal.

Being a 28 year old college student surrounded by fresh out of high school 18 year old’s isn’t the life.

I decided I wanted to get my real estate license and become an agent.

Pass real estate exam: check

During that process, I started a new job working for a mortgage company as a relationship manager.

Fun stuff.

Now, all I have to do is get with a broker and ease myself into learning the market.

As I have gotten my life together, the future terrifies me less and less and excites me even more.

I look forward to what it holds, which is the unknown.

Currently, I am single and lately have been surrounded by friends that are either engaged, getting married, or having babies, or who are already married and on baby #2.

No pressure, right?


I still get asked by relatives if I am dating any new guys, or when I am getting married.

Luckily, I have learned to casually change the subject, unless I’m feeling extremely saucy that day and give them a taste of their own medicine.

No one prepped me for questions like that in college.

Oh, and once I became an adult, no one warned me that dating, cleaning house, paying bills, and raising a 80 lb. labrador retriever was going to be a complete beautiful, disorganized mess.

Soooooooo, allow me to share with you some of my tips for managing the stress that comes with being an adult.


This is pertaining to your bills. I don’t care if you keep a calendar on your phone, but take note of the day that your rent, cable, electricity, and other various necessities are due.

Set a reminder for them a week before.

Trust me, it will change your life.

I am not a planner type of person.

Planners are cute, but let’s be real, I’m not going to use one.

So, I use sticky notes and place them on my refrigerator because I am normally in the kitchen eating or cooking.

So, it’s a trusty reminder every time I open my freezer.


Let me be clear here, people: Quality, not quantity is what we are looking for.

I had a good group of friends in high school.

I thought I would be friends with my best friend forever.

We always talked about how we would be each other’s maid of honor in our weddings and how we would go to college together.

Buuuuuut. Life happens and you are left with the realization of who your true friends are.

Ya, I ended up putting way too much effort into my friendships without my friends reciprocating the effort.

So, I stopped caring. I stopped making an effort.

Guess what? I’m still alive.

In fact, I have a few group of friends who I can count on for absolutely anything.

Yes, we may bicker and when my best friend asks me for advice, I may not tell her what she wants to hear.

However, I know that if I were in trouble or if it was the other way around, we could depend on each other.

That’s friendship.

So, get rid of those “friends” in your life that are taking up space in your phone book.

You will feel much better.


I cannot stress this enough.

If you are in college, realize that you will have debt to pay.

No worries, don’t have an anxiety attack. Set up a loan payment plan after college and pay a little as you go.

You also need to learn the concept of savings. You don’t just get a paycheck and blow it on a brand new pair of shoes or a vacation.

Set some money aside in a savings account for each paycheck that you receive if you want to reward yourself in the future.

Lastly, think about building your credit score.

When I graduated college, I remember asking my mom what a credit score was.

Let’s just say…it’s freaking important.

If you pay your bills on time…your credit score will most likely be top notch.

In order to understand credit, check out Credit Card Insider. These people are the credit gurus.


This will kill you.

You are your own person.

Who cares if high school Holly is married and has kids, or if your college bestie is the CEO of a fortune 500 company.

Everyone is different.

Everyone goes at their own pace.

You have different goals and are your own bad ass.

Plus, while you are comparing yourself to others, you are wasting valuable time achieving what you want.

Oh, and be reminded, there are people that would love to be you.

I know it’s crazy to think that, but people are comparing themselves to you.

My mom tells me this and I’m not sure if it’s just because she’s my mom.

But she’s right.

I just can’t see it. Or at least it was hard for me to see how cool I am in my past years.


This is not the time to spend your life eating pizza and watching t.v. on the couch.

Well, except when you’ve had a long week at work and want to indulge on a Friday night.

But, you aren’t getting any younger.

Your health is important.

Schedule yearly doctor visits, start getting your ass to the gym, and eat healthy.

I love to cook and if you don’t, call someone who knows how and ask them if they can help you learn.

Invest in a good non-stick skillet and a baking sheet.

Life changers.


Or take a road trip. You need to see the world.

You are young, vibrant, and the world is at your fingertips.

I’m still working on this.

I love taking mini weekend vacations to cities in my state where I adventure around town, eat at the best restaurants, and relax poolside at my hotel with a good book.

It is just what I need to get back on track.

My goal is to vacay to Greece next year.

Ya coming with me?

Be spontaneous, live outside your comfort zone, jump off of cliffs, go crazy…you will thank me later.


Your mind is sooooooooo vast and deep.

There is tons of room for daily improvement.

I am constantly learning new things every day.

It keeps me on my toes.

Also, it’s important to be up to date on current events and what is happening in our world today.

Always use your voice to express your opinions.

Of course people will judge, but would you rather think like everyone else does?

Be different.

Stick to your values and beliefs, they will carry you  through.

#8. Get a pet.

Preferably, a dog.

Because I said so.

Because it is sooooooo much fun to come home to someone everyday who doesn’t judge you and just wants to take naps, go for long walks, and eat.

That’s loyalty my friends.


It’s the only legal drug i can convince you to indulge in.

Drink it black or with sugar or with sugar and cream or with whipped cream.

However you want, really. Just caffeinate yourself.

You want to be cheery and well liked by your coworkers/friends etc. and be able to get crap done.

Therefore coffee is a necessity.

Alright, this is taking too much time out of my daily adulting routine.

If you need me, I will probably be folding laundry and watching Netflix…multi-tasking (add that to your list 🙂 )