Welcome to Mangia! I’m Chelsy, a 20-something Texas gal with an extreme passion for life and a serious sweet tooth. Mangia is where I share all of my food-related things and more.

A little about me:

I graduated college with a BA in Kinesiology. 

I am an avid foodie from a BIG, FAT, CRAZY, LOVING ITALIAN family. 
That being said, I learned to roll a meatball before I learned to ride a bike.

I am a certified personal trainer, and a presumed exercise junkie. 

I cook and bake because it is my passion, and because in my family, cooking=love.

Why Mangia?


Mangia means “eat” in Italian. Now, you can’t take this word for face value. Mangia means more than eating in the physical sense, but also, eating to enjoy life. Eating is what we do best in an Italian family, it’s what we do to come together, to share stories, and to show one another love through food. Naturally, I want to share this love with you, through my recipes. 


One of the biggest inspirations for my blog was my younger sister, who has celiac disease. Growing up in an Italian family, you can imagine how hard this was for her, seeing as everything is centered around bread (i mean, who needs utensils when you have bread?). So, I decided to challenge myself to recreate some of my sisters favorite dishes, only gluten-free. Win! 


Let’s just say that she is a bit spoiled. She has even taught me a few things in the kitchen!


She inspires me to be creative in the kitchen. All day. Every Day.
A few random facts about me:
 I eat my eggs with jelly and apple butter.
I think my workout pants and pajama pants trump jeans. 
 I am a grocery shopping addict! I am a shoe fanatic, but give me a bag of peanuts and you can expect that I will choose a baseball game with the family over a shopping spree! 
Parmesan cheese is by far my favorite “condiment” and I put it on just about everything that I eat. 
I am having a love affair…with peanut butter. 
I like my toast burnt…I mean charred, literally (same goes for my biscuits…they have to be super crispy).
I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, like if you eat a carrot, you can have a snickers bar. I hope y’all enjoy reading about my love for food, family, and life in general! 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments, or even if you just want to chat, or take me out to dinner: chelsy@mangiablog.com