Happy Birthday to me!

I can’t believe I have been alive 29 years!

I’m in my last year of my 20’s.

I live alone, with my 4-year-old puppy child.

I have zero children.

Some people would stress about this.

Especially, being so close to the 30 year mark.

Buuuuttt those people are not me.

I’m excited for 30.

I really want to live this last year of my 20’s up as much as I can.

I want to travel more for sure.

As with all years, this one has been a year of learning experiences for me.

Some good and some bad but I don’t have any regrets.

Here are 29 little tid-bits about my past year (in no particular order):

I experienced my first heart break (in the relationship department).

Then I experienced my second heart massacre.

People aren’t always what they seem.

 I can handle any situation with the utmost grace (but I’ve been told that in certain situations, I should have gone H.A.M. on some people).

I started going back to church. Not every Sunday, but as much as I can. This was a big one for me. I feel that I don’t have to go to church to be close to God. I am close to him regardless, but I almost feel like I had lost a sense of my faith and community without church.

I have the ability to love unconditionally, without judgement, with my heart wide open.

I cannot turn my feelings off like a light switch. Love is love is love is love.

I am an extremely forgiving person. Almost to a fault (in my opinion).

A bottle of wine will fix almost anything. Or at least help take the pain away for a few hours.

No matter what, your mother is still your best friend.

Your sister is your one and only confidant. She will take everything you tell her to the grave.

Your little sister can be your voice of reason when it comes to dating/relationships.

I can watch football in my sweatshirt and house slippers, but give me a pair of high heels and watch out world!

My values and beliefs are extremely important to me.

There are still great men out there…ones that will bring you flowers & your favorite candy on the first date, expect nothing in return, and treat you like the princess you are.

I owe everything I am and the person that I have become to my parents.

No matter how many times you ask yourself why a relationship ended…it was never your fault.

There actually are emotionally unavailable people in this world…they have been through a lot, respect them.

You are beautiful…inside and out. Don’t ever let a man make you believe that you are less than that.

I feel most beautiful in sweatpants, hair-tied, chilling with no make up on.

It takes a looooooong time to repair your heart after its been broken.

Your smile is your best asset.

The love your parents have for you is one of a kind.

Eat all the cake, cookies, and pie you want.

A small circle of GREAT friends is better than a large circle of crappy friends.

You can never trust someone with a terrible handshake.

Surround yourself with people who put 100% of the effort into friendships as you do. Nothing less.

Pancakes are acceptable at any time of day.

Sometimes you need a  girls night, a bottle of wine, dancing in the living room at 3 a.m. to George Strait in your pajamas and slippers.

Here is to year 29…bring it.


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