Get Fit From Home: 5 Workout Sites that bring Fitness to your Living Room


Let’s talk about working out.

Oh, and I’m not talking about beating cake batter with a spatula.

I wish that counted.

As a personal trainer and someone who is completely enamored by the fitness world, I make exercise a daily part of my routine.

In fact, I cannot start my day without a good workout.

I usually run outside about 4 days a week.

However, on my “off” days I like to switch it up.

I don’t really have a necessity for a gym membership so my home is transformed into my own little work out space.

Plus, if you live in 99% humidity during the summer like I do, you need a break from the heat.

This past year I have upped my home workout game.

Not only is it convenient, but I love that I can workout, shower, and have my morning cup of coffee all under an hour.

Plus, it saves me some gas money driving to a gym location.

With that said, here are my top 5 favorite workout sites that allow you to workout in your living room.

#1. Tone It Up:


I can’t even begin to explain the success I have had with the Tone It Up program.  Tone It Up was started by Karena and Katrina, two real life best friends, personal trainers, business partners, and all around amazing fitness role models. What drew me to the Tone It Up program is these ladies themselves. Their approach to fitness is fun, fresh, energetic, bubbly, spirited, and all about empowering women to believe in themselves and get fit. Plus, their “look and feel like a beach babe” method actually will have you doing just that! The best thing about the Tone It Up program is that it is free to become apart of the Tone It Up community. My favorite part is the array of free fitness workouts that you can access at the drop of a hat. They have everything from yoga, to abs and arm routines, and total body workouts. My favorite workout to do is any of their High Intensity Interval Training and Cardio routines. They give me that high intensity workout that I need in a short amount of time. Check out their Hitty Bitty Bikini workout to get that energetic workout you need to make your day amazing! Feel free to check out the Tone It Up  fitness dvd’s if you want to make a greater commitment to this program after trying it out. Their dvd’s are amazing! No joke.

#2. Body Rock TV:


Seriously…get ready to have your body rocked. Body Rock TV is an online fitness community dedicated to the health and wellness of it’s members. What what? Workouts are free online! Oh, plus, they offer HIIT Max, body rock, and yoga videos of your choosing. My favorite

#3. Barre 3 online workouts:


If you have ever done ballet or danced at all in your life, Barre workouts are built on this basis. HOWEVER, and that is a big however, you won’t be doing plies and jete’s all day. Nope. You will be feeling the burn as your muscles are worked with the tiniest movements, that produce maximum results. Sadie Lincoln founded Barre 3 to bring us highly efficient workouts that focus on grace, length, and maintaining a healthy body. Don’t be afraid guys, Barre 3 isn’t just for girls! You can get Barre 3 online workouts for $15/month which provides you with unlimited access to 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 minutes workouts. All you need is a chair and yourself!

#4. Fit Sugar:


Ummmmmmmm, can you say plethora of free and effective workouts? Fit sugar has free online workouts has for every type of person, from a hip opening yoga sequence, to high intensity total body burners, you can get it all! Try out my favorite 10 minute Crossfit workout that left my butt kicked and wanting more!

#5. YouTube:


When I say YouTube has possibly all of the fitness videos that you could imagine and more…they do. I love to mix different workouts together. I usually head over to Jillian Michael’s  page for one of her “shred” workouts and then cool off with a light routine from Cassey at Blogilates or something from Gina at the Fitnessista. It’s all free so just search fitness routines to your hearts content. You can’t go wrong!

So……what are you waiting for? Get in your living room and get started!

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