Snap Kitchen

Y’all…I have been slacking on posts lately.

You know, life.

I’m back.


Let’s chat about my visit to Snap Kitchen.

Last Monday I was so excited to visit my faveeeeee healthy take-away store, Snap Kitchen.

I have been loving me some Snap Kitchen since it opened in Austin, Tx when I was living there for my first go round’ at college.

It’s only gotten better from there.

At Snap Kitchen, I had the honor of speaking with their amazing dietitian, Claire, who ran me through a list of their delicious menu items.

The best part was that she gave me a run-down of the seasonal menu changes, which incorporate new paleo dishes that I cannot wait to try!

Then it was go time.

I got to choose a couple of meals to take home and try.

It was like a dream.

Why I love Snap Kitchen: 1). Their menu uses fresh, quality ingredients 2). They focus on seasonal ingredients. Some of their dishes emphasize serving the best, most seasonal produce for that time of year 3). The meals are 100% healthy…no fillers, additives, preservatives, stuff you can’t pronounce. 100% clean eating meals, snacks, and drinks. Most of them are vegan, paleo, and/or gluten-free or grain-free friendly.

I absolutely looooooove it!

The great thing about Snap Kitchen is the diversity of their menu.

I had Grass Fed Beef Meatballs and Peppers


and was blown away by how flavorful the dish was. Just picture tender beef meatballs, seasoned to perfection, covered in a zesty tomato sauce, and placed over a bed of  sauteed bell peppers and onion.

If you love Italian…this is your dish.

And I mean, who doesn’t love Italian.

I was also really impressed with the breakfast dish that I chose.


I loved the idea of making an egg sandwich with two chicken sausage patties.


Plus, sweet potato fries for breakfast?


My favorite dishes were the Ginger Glazed Salmon and the Ginger Glazed Chicken.


Y’all. These dishes are addicting.


Of course you have your choice of succulent salmon, or juicy, tender chicken.


But then, perfectly seasoned fresh green beans AND MASHED KABOCHA SQUASH.

If you didn’t know, my addiction is kabocha squash.

I get depressed when it goes out of season.

The mash is slightly sweet, but with every bite, you experience this little heaven of a ginger glaze that is perfectly tangy and sweet.

I can’t even.

The good news is that if you live in Dallas, Austin, or Houston Texas, you should have a Snap Kitchen right around the corner.

Get to a location now and experience so of their fabulous, fresh, healthy dishes.

Then, come back here and tell me what you enjoyed most.

OR if you have already been, I would love to know your favorite dish!

Make sure to check out all the above links for menu information as well as ingredient and nutritional stats for each dish!


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