A Paleo/Gluten-Free Mother’s Day Brunch

I’m such a slacker.

Who do I think I am, not posting since Monday?

Geez Chels, get it together.

Because my mom is AWESOME and because she deserves the best…I’m rounding up some of my fave breakfast/brunch recipes for ya.

Your mom is probably pretty stellar too, so she deserves this.

That woman birthed you, drove you to all of your sports games w/ a car packed with your teammates, taught you to shave your legs, and held you in her arms after your first crush in grade school…well, crushed you.

That dumb dumb is somewhere kicking himself  if ya know what I’m saying.

Thanks Mom.

I miss making you breakfast in bed w/ dad and seester for Mother’s day when I was little.

Here’s to all the stuff you did for me, and all my crap that you are still putting up with.

You deserve some savory pancakes…for sure.


Maybe w/ a nice little salad.


But then we get to the good stuff.


Because we need a ton of muffins to soak up all of those mimosas we are going to drink.


Also, lots of coffee cake because


Mother’s Day goes hand in hand w/ coffee cake.

Oh, and pancakes.


Oh, and copy cat recipes that are actually good for you.




BTW, all of these recipes are paleo and/or gluten-free.

That’s pretty awesome.

Just like your mom. 😉


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