I miss y’all!

Here is a lil’ update on my life.

I started my new job on Monday!

I’m a “Fit Break Instructor” for a corporate company here in Houston.

Basically, what I do is go to different offices within 3 buildings and conduct 10 minute fit/stretch breaks w/ employees.

It’s pretty awesome because it allows people who sit behind a computer screen all day, to really get a good stretch and move around.

Let’s do a lil’ re-cap on the past 3 days:

Day One: Ummmmm…is it going to be $25 everyday to park? Are you serious? Not happening. I need that money for pilates workouts and new shoes…duh. I love my co-workers, they are the shiz-nat. I love people w/ smiling faces and positive attitudes. I’m terrified of people staring at me while I teach them stretches. Please, please, talk!

Day Two: Are there really bosses that want to see you succeed? Um yes, there are! Their names are Joy and Sarah, and they are IT! You need these bosses. Get on my level! I’m feeling more comfortable w/ these routines. Anxiety is heightening but it will quell. Why is it rainy and cold outside? Seriously? Nightclub cardio kicked my bootay today! Who knew dancing could be such a workout? Who knew this girl could twerk? 😉 Is parking still $25?

Day Three: I’m hungry all the damn day! I eat everything! I did my first fit breaks today on my own…what was there to stress about? I GOT DIS! Hello $3 daily parking, I love you! Now I can get a puppy! Have I mentioned I love my coworkers are awesome? Yea, that. I found the cafeteria today…loaded salad for the win! Oh, and butternut squash and 3 coffees. CHEESUS. I hit a guy with my fist while stretching today. I don’t know if he actually felt it. The treck to my car was amazing. Sitting down was not amazing: see night club cardio reference on day 2.

That’s all! I should be back soon w/ some trash food for y’all!


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