Ciao, 2013!

Wow, what a year it has been!

This year I turned 25 and had my mid-twenties crisis.

Oh, and then I got over it.


da1673b4732611e2876222000a9f0a1b_7This year, I started a new job, working for my younger seester.

6 months later I quit.

What did I learn? Don’t work for family.

This year, I let my skin breathe by going days without make-up.


This is a must-do for every woman…oh, HI THERE PORES! Didn’t know I actually had any.

This year I lost my b.f.f., Annabelle.


Now, I am going to sob my eyes out.

This year I took up smoking cigars.


Just kidding, this year I took up acting like I was smoking cigars for a gimmick at my cousins wedding.

This year I tried new exercise routines, like Barre 3 online.



This year was fueled by caffeine…lots of it.

This year was colorful.


This year was completely and totally in God’s hands.


It is every year.

But this year, this year hit me hard.

I applied to nursing school.

God apparently wasn’t having that for me and steered me in another direction.

In 2014 I will begin my schooling to become a registered dietician, which really is my true passion, besides cooking, baking, and feeding people of course!

This year I traveled to Cali for work.


My favorite getaway destination.

This next year, I plan on taking a me vacation.

Probably back to Cali.

We will see 🙂

This year I have spent more quality time with my parents.


This has just confirmed my further realization that they truly are bad-asses.


This year, I have also become closer and closer to my baby seester, even though she lives in another city.


This year has been amazing to say the least, full of some heart break and trying times, but nothing I couldn’t handle 🙂

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

Let’s do this!



  1. Renee Ethridge says:

    This year you have inspired me to be all that I can be. A mother, friend and someone that lives passionately for life. You are all that and more and just an amazing eldest daughter. I love you to the moon and back and then some!! Namaste!!

  2. perfect pictures

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