Happy Friday y’all.

Today I just want to have a life vomit session…if you know what I’m saying.

Let’s talk about our lives lately, what we’ve been up to, what’s new, what’s old, what we are really digging on…I’ll go first 🙂

This is how I feel about my life sometimes


ESPECIALLY when it comes to family.

Italians are drama.

I’ve been doing Barre 3 online classes to gain strength in my upper body and I loooooove it.


You should sign up too…its AHHHHHMAZING!

I’ve also been taking tons of pilates reformer classes.

It feels soooooooo great to be flexible and strong again.

I’ve been a pilates addict for quite some time.

Visit my homegirl Cassey for some amazing pilates workouts.

She knows her stuff.

I was at the check-out at the grocery store yesterday and they had a barrel of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Pumpkins for $1 each.

Too early for Halloween candy?


I feel as though it’s a tad bit early and seriously…it kinda ruins my mojo to know that I can have my fave pb pumpkins in August instead of right around Halloween.

Peanut butter buzz kill.

I totally bought these shorts at A & F the other day…only they were blue… for $19.99!


That’s a steal at A & F.

I’ve told you I worked there for a summer during high school, right?

Dear Lawd…worst job over.

Of course they coerced me to apply for the job by telling me that I was really pretty.

Those little sales tactics…they USED TO get me every time.

While I will miss short wearing weather…I’m ready for FALL!

Bring on the campfires, hot chocolate, and autumn hues.


I want to live in my leggings.


The best part about fall is that I don’t have to shave my legs.

They never come out of my yoga pants/jeans…but more so yoga pants.

What can I say? I looooove comfort.

I want these yoga pants.


Who wants to buy them for me…swear I’ll pay ya back 😉

Food scene:

Top w/ Cinnamon just might* be my new favorite blog.

I have been following Izy since the beginning…girl is 17 years old! Look at her pics!

Girl’s got talent.

Serrrrrrriously Jessica


girl never disappoints.

Lastly, when I was in Cali, I became obsessed w/ Alive and Radiant’s Veggie Crunch Teriyaki Greens.

However, when I returned home, I couldn’t find them at my Whole Foods or anywhere…then I learned that they were out of stock on their website as well.

I even called the people to see when they would be back in stock online…not til September!

My life is over.

But wait…thank goodness for Amazon…I have been ordering them by the case through a health foods distributor.

Yea, I’m that desperate. 🙂

Oh, hey…tell me something good.



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