My Life According To…

It’s Sunday.

Just finished my studying for the day.

Hopefully 😉

At any moment I could lose my mind and head straight for the books.

Seriously, I don’t think I can study any more…I feel like I’ve learned everything I can.

So the only thing left to do is relax 🙂

Probably bake, cook, and eat some stuff too. 🙂

These cookies.


Well, they are gone.


Barre 3 workouts are my life right now.


I have cut back on my running and am already starting to feel stronger with barre 3. Plus, its only $15/month for access to all of their online workouts.

They have everything from 10-60 minute workouts all tailored to any one and every one.

Def look into this if you are super busy and have no time to exercise…or just want a change of pace.

These chips.


Are cinnamon sugar heaven.

Like freaking cinnamon toast crunch on a crispy chip.

My life was meaningless before these.

They rock.

Almost as rockin’ as my mom’s 80’s hair-do.


What’s new in your world lately?

Try any new fitness routines? 🙂


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