My Life According To…

Happy Easter y’all!

As I sit here sipping on my coffee I cannot help but think how blessed my life is.


And how good my coffee is…but mostly, how blessed my life truly is.

Today I will relish in being around family.

No matter how dramatic they are…I’m pretty sure I have come to appreciate and embrace the drama.

It doesn’t really phase me anymore.

Plus, I know other people who are far worse off than I am  w/ family drama 😉


In other news, I could really go for some pancakes right about now.

Or some of this glorious bread


downside of making banana bread: bananas spoil too quickly.

Makes for a sad Chelsy.

I’m bringing some cookies to my family Easter today.


I am deeming myself the cookie queen as of…now. 🙂

This soup made my life just THAT much better this week.


Oh, and this salad


well, you know how I feel about kale!



  1. I’ll have some soup, salad, and then dessert-consisting of cake, cookies, and anything else you put together!!!

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