Playing Santa.

Happy Friday y’all!
It has been a busy week round’ these here parts. However, this weekend I am looking forward to a mini-vacay with my fam for seester’s graduation tomorrow. It is sure to be full of rest and relaxation. I can’t wait. 
Anyway, for the past two years I have been participating in a “secret Santa” type thing with my Food 52 community. I absolutely love sending gifts to a complete and total stranger. It makes me feel good inside, just being able to share in the Christmas spirit with others. Of course I am sending food to my recipient, to be specific, white chocolate peanut butter cookies, a few of my favorite products, oh, and a jar of something I whipped up yesterday.

It starts with Marcona almonds
and some roasted almonds because we all know sometimes us poor folks can’t afford more than 1 cup of Marcona almonds. 

Oh and then we add some of my fave Ghirardelli dark chocolate…melted of course.

The almond butter…pre-choclification.

Prepping for choclification. 



So there you have it…Dark Chocolate Marcona Almond Butter.

This spread is really smooth and creamy and has a medium thickness, for more of a thick type spread, just place it in the refrigerator to firm up!
Toast…that is all.
Dark Chocolate Marcona Almond Butter (GF):
3 c. roasted, salted Marcona Almonds
3 small squares of Ghirardelli 60% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
1 t. coconut oil

1. Place the marcona almonds in a food processor and process on high until the almonds are completely broken down and have formed a creamy “soupy” like textured nut butter.
2. In a small mixing bowl, heat the dark chocolate and coconut oil on 20 second intervals in the microwave, mix after each interval. 
3. With the food processor running, slowly stream in the melted dark chocolate until fully incorporated into the nut butter.
4. Pour into individual canning jars, use a spoon and go to town, or spread on a piece of whole-wheat toast.
Makes 2 6 oz. jars.

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