My Life According To…

Happy Sunday y’all!
It has been such a thankful week. 
When I sit back and really analyze this beautiful life I have, I really thank God, especially for all the Thanksgiving leftovers because I know that some people are less fortunate. 
I’m truly blessed.
Early in the week my Mom and I took my grandma out for a belated birthday brunch at Mimi’s Cafe.
Mimosa’s all around!

Finally got some quality food mag time 
sooooooo excited to make these authentic Italian rainbow cookies for xmas!

Poor baby got the arthritis
she’s getting old. 

Thanksgiving grocery haul with mom the day before.

I owned this Thanksgiving

and oh mah gawwwwwd this poblano cornbread stuffing 
is heaven sent.

I’ve seriously been eating this pie for breakfast every morning. 
True Life: I eat pie for breakfast.

My dad seriously makes Thanksgiving look easy.
2 Turkeys  whaaaaaaat?

This was only plate 1 of the Thanksgiving smorgasbord.

No holiday is complete without this. 

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