My Life According To…

Okay, so there are some serious issues going on in my house this morning.
My parents, being the party animals that they are, went to a Halloween party last night, rolled in at “too early in the a.m. time” and are still asleep at 9!
Of course, this only makes sense seeing as I went to bed at 10:30, woke up at 5, ran, ate breakfast, and registered for my spring classes.
Something is definitely wrong with this picture. 
But this is totally normal, right? Riiiiight. 
In other news…winter has arrived round’ these here parts. 
This means better hair days for me

watch out world: I’m getting creative!

Colder weather means more of my fave cinnamon spice tea!

More bowls of soup too!

Oh, and comfort food for the win!

Just say yes to these biscuit cinnamon rolls.

Colder weather means sleeping in.
Well…at least for Annabelle.

 I voted this week! Because I’m a baller like that!
Have you?


  1. Go throw some cold water on your parents! Ha, just kiddin’! Great week for you, Chelsy–from great hair days to great food- can’t wish for any better than that? Looking forward to this week, to see what you’re up to posting!!!

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