Nikki’s Coconut Butter Giveaway!

Tuesday is for giveaway’s y’all.
Only because it is what I like to call, the unexciting day of the week…because it’s not quite Wednesday (where your are almost over the hump), or Thursday when you are anticipating jeans day at work on Friday, or Friday when you basically watch the clock like a hawk, anticipating your leave, just so you can do a fist pump and book it to the nearest venue with the biggest margarita after a long week at work. Nope. It’s just boring old Tuesday. So, let’s make it exciting.
We all know that I am a freak for coconut butter, so when I heard about Nikki’s Coconut Butter I knew I just had to get my hands on some of this. So, I contacted Nikki right away, who was totally awesome, and willing to send some samples my way. Oh, and she also agreed to do a giveaway for all you beautiful people. Just because she’s a boss like that. Oh my gawd. Her coconut butter is absolutely ah-mazing. Nikki has 6 different flavors of coconut butter, 2 of which I was delighted to try. Let me just clue you in: Vanilla Cake Batter and Honey Pecan Pie were the two I chose…the names really speak for themselves. Nikki’s goal is to create healthy, yet indulgent treats, that you can feel good about eating. Well, she has definitely accomplished this. Oh, and on another note: these products are dairy and gluten-free…so every one can enjoy! Boom!
So, about the giveaway: The winner will win 2 jars (of their choosing) of Nikki’s Coconut Butter!
To Enter:
1. Please leave a comment below in the comments section telling me which two flavors  of Nikki’s Coconut Butter you would like to try.
For additional entries:
2. Follow @coconutnikki on Twitter to show her some love!
3. Follow @misschelsmangia on Twitter
4. Subscribe to Mangia.
5. Tweet about the giveaway: “@misschelsmangia is doing a Nikki’s Coconut Butter Giveaway @coconutnikki! Enter Now!
Make sure to leave a separate comment for each additional entry!
Contest ends Thursday at 12 midnight Central. 
I will announce the winner on Friday!


  1. Cashew Crumble and Vanilla Cake Batter are the two flavors I’d love to try, thanks!

  2. Somehow I can turn something healthy into something not so healthy. I would eat these by spoonfuls all day till each jar was empty. Ghastly addictive personality. I love good eatin’! And anything with butter or described as butter, just makes it all the more delectable! Yum!!

  3. You had me at vanilla cake batter, but chocolate hazelnut brownie also sounds pretty divine. I love coconut butter and even if I am not lucky enough to win (although I REALLY hope you pick me) I am excited to learn about this new product.

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  8. Oh I’ve never had coconut butter but it sounds amazing. I’d love to try the chocolate hazelnut brownie and honey pecan pie. YUM!

  9. OMG CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT BROWNIE! And Vanilla cake batter 🙂

  10. I would DEFINITELY try the Vanilla Cake Batter! For my 2nd one, it’d either be Midnight Mocha or Honey Pecan Pie. I’ve never had coconut butter before!

  11. These look amazing! I would want to try the chocolate hazelnut brownie and the vanilla cake batter. YUM

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  14. Tweeted about this giveaway. 🙂

  15. I don’t think I’d turn my nose up at any of them! I’m especially fond of the Cashew Crunch and Cake Batter (: Thanks so much for an awesome giveaway!

  16. I’d love to try the macadamia nut cookie and the vanilla cake batter! Yum!!!!

  17. I follow you on twitter 🙂

  18. I’m following nikki on twitter!

  19. I’d love to try Midnight mocha and macadamia nut cookie. YUM!

  20. I follow you on twitter!

  21. I tweeted the giveaway!

  22. Yummm Honey pecan pie and macadamia nut cookie

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  25. I’d love to try vanilla cake batter and chocolate hazelnut brownie! Thanks!

  26. chocolate hazelnut and vanilla cake batter sound delicious!

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  30. zia liz says:

    welllllll, if i win…you choose the flavors, cause there dosen’t seem to be a bad one in the bunch….sounds like a plan…
    you know i live in the house with a man who lovesssss coconut…not! maybe these butters could change his mind…hhhmmmmmm

  31. Cashew Crumble & Vanilla Cake Batter sound interesting & tasty!

  32. Subscribed too! Thank you!

  33. Ooooh, vanilla cake batter and chocolate hazelnut brownie would be my choices. Thanks!

  34. Hi, I’d like to try the chocolate hazelnut brownie and macademia nut cookie. Thanks!

  35. Cashew Crumble and Vanilla Cake Batter for me!

  36. I follow Coconut Nikki on Twitter -@serene_streams

  37. Following you on Twitter -@serene_streams

  38. Vanilla cake batter and chocolate hazelnut!

  39. Vanilla Cake batter or Macadamia Cookie

  40. Cashew Crumble & Vanilla Cake! -Georgiana

  41. Subscribed to your posts too! Thank you!

  42. Vanilla cake batter and chocolate brownie!!! Yum

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