My Life According To…

Happy Sunday y’all!
Well, it’s been a pretty laid-back week to say the least…
Annabelle thinks so.

This week I learned that I have a little bit of an abuela in me.

This is totally not like me…you know me and avocado are not friends…but lately they have been doing more good than damage.

My fave things together…strawberry + coconut…oh, summer won’t you stay a little longer?

This bread.

Because of this hash…I am absolutely in love with sweet potatoes
I mean, I just can’t get enough of them!!!

This is what I like to call a blob of protein pancake goodness…raw vanilla protein powder + almond milk+ egg+ cinnamon…top with a heaping scoop of peanut butter and you are good to go!

This week I learned to enjoy the beauty of things, appreciate the small things in life, and never take things for granted, because in an instant, they can be gone.


  1. Touching message. And, love all you share, especially the tiny little ladybug. 🙂 Happy Sunday!

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