Storm Warning.

Yesterday evening dark clouds rolled in, there was thunder, and expectations of some pretty intense rain according to the weather people. I absolutely love the anticipation of rain, it just verifies any decision I make to do absolutely nothing. For me, when it rains, I can choose between two things, being productive, which usually involved some sort of bedroom organization, or being unproductive (while still being slightly productive in my own way), which means baking, cooking, or gazing outside waiting for the first raindrop. Guess what? After all that anticipation…not one drop. The storms missed us! Oh well. 
Now, I warned y’all a couple of weeks ago that because summer has arrived, to expect an overwhelming amount of recipes involving frozen treats…i.e. ice cream/fro-yo, etc. I never turn back on my word. I don’t disappoint.
 I have been wanting to try this recipe FOREVER, and let me tell you, I know why it is a #1 hit on Pinterest. 
Banana “Nice-Cream” is absolutely freaking delicious. 
It’s possible that this is the most DIFFICULT recipe on the face on the planet 😉
Seriously, this stuff involves one ingredient…frozen bananas.
They get whipped into a delicious creamy goodness in the food processor.

I added toasted flaked coconut and 2 tablespoons of PB2 to my mix…but the sky is the limit!
Hell, go crazy, use your fave mix-ins…here are some ideas…chocolate chips, cocoa powder, almond butter, peanut butter, but hell, it doesn’t have to be any of those…surprise me!

This “ice-cream” is deliciously creamy, almost like a soft-serve texture before freezing. 
Of course the flavor is all banana, I mean, extreme banana flavor…doesn’t get more banana than this!
I have been justifying it as my breakfast for the past two mornings because it is just bananas!
Yep, so amazingly bananas!
Dont’ judge me.
Let me know what you would mix in to this banana “nice-cream”…I am all for trying new things!
Banana Nice-Cream (recipe from Use Real Butter) (GF/V)
4 bananas, just slightly overripe (a few brown spots are okay, completely brown…trash them)
2 T. light coconut milk (optional)
mix-ins of choice (If it’s a creamy add-in…i.e. peanut butter, add 2 Tbs, if it’s a dry add-in, like cocoa powder…2 teaspoons)
1. Peel the bananas and slice them into 1/4 to 1/2 in. disks. Place in a large container and freezer for about 1 hour.
2. Put the bananas in a food processor and pulse. At first, the mixture will look like a banana “gravel”, but keep on pulsing and soon a creamy texture will appear, you may need to scrape down the sides of the bowl if the bananas start to clump together (add coconut milk to help this process along if preferred).
3. When the bananas look like whipped cream, you can add your mix-ins and pulse about 3-4 times to incorporate them into the mixture.
4. Pour into a loaf pan and freeze. Take out of the freezer at least 10 minutes prior to serving for a creamy soft-serve.
Makes 1 pint.


  1. How about adding, cherries, pineapple, nuts, and shaved chocolate…after frozen, add some whipped cream, and you have a banana split.
    you could also add these ingredients after its frozen by making them the banana cream toppings, at that point I would put melted chocolate as the topping…either way will work…yee haw!!!

  2. Zia! That sounds delicious! Love it all…especially that melted chocolate on top!

  3. This looks absolutely delicious! What a beautifully creamy texture! I can only imagine the taste! I’m thinking cake and icecream, like banana cake with cream cheese frosting, and a serving of this banana nice-cream! YUM!!

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