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Happy Happy Monday y’all!
Well, it’s time for another Secret Recipe Club reveal. Seriously, this is the highlight of my month. This month my secret food blogger was the couple from Eliot’s Eats. Now, since starting their blog, the couple have chosen to remain anonymous….oooo love it! It just leaves more to the imagination. They named the blog Eliot’s Eats, after the wife’s fave poet, T.S. Eliot. Then, a stray cat showed up on their doorstep, and what do ya know? They named him Eliot, after which they found out that it was actually a girl cat. Haha! Anyway, I just loved their blog, where the couple posts about their many travels, love of fresh, local ingredients, trips to the farmer’s market, and of course, their love of food.

The first recipe that really caught my eye was one for raspberry jam, and being that raspberries are my fave fruit, oh, and the fact that it is summer and canning season, I took it as a sign.

Best. Idea. Ever.

This raspberry jam is super simple to make, and might I add…delicious.

The raspberries are seasoned with fresh ginger, and slightly sweet from the combination of their own juices and the addition of honey.

The jam gets a kick of heat from red pepper flakes…what the what? I know, it’s genius! 
Just look at that color!

 I put a dollop of the jam on my waffle for a mid-morning snack!

Out of

 this world!

Normally, I would make adaptations to the recipe to give it my own spin, but this just looked irresistible! All I did was cut the recipe in half for one. Thanks to Eliot’s Eats for the recipe and be sure to check out their blog!

Raspberry Jam with Ginger and Chili:

2 c. frozen raspberries
1/4 c. honey (all I had was agave nectar on hand)
1 T. fresh lemon juice
1/2 t. red pepper flakes
2 T. freshly grated ginger

1. In a large saucepan, combine all of the ingredients.
2. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring occasionally.
3. Simmer until very thick, mashing with a potato masher and then stirring, about 10 minutes total.
4. Transfer to sterilized jars; cover and chill at least 4 hours. Store for two weeks in the refrigerator, or put in freezer containers and freeze for freezer jam.

Makes 1 half-pint jar of jam.



  1. Yum, This looks delicious. Red Pepper Flakes~who would have guessed?!!

  2. I never would have thought to put red pepper flakes in raspberry jam–it sounds like this combination really worked!

  3. Jam seems to be the thing! This looks heavenly and I am intrigued by the pepper flakes. I must give this a try. Great SRC choice.

  4. Red Pepper Flakes in Jam – GENIUS! Looks divine and, as I’m a new fan of making jams, this will be tried. Well done!

  5. What a lovely blog you got for SRC.I got her a while back for SRC. You picked a great recipe, she has a lot of good stuff on her blog.

  6. I think look delicious!!

  7. I remember when she posted this recipe, I bookmarked it to make and still haven’t. I’m jealous that you beat me to it. Glad you confirmed what I thought was going to be a great jam.

  8. Hi Chelsey, what a great SRC pick. Love the red pepper and ginger. Elliot’s Eats is one awesome blog.

  9. What a great blog to get! I didn’t realize they were anonymous, figured the last name was Eliot! ha! Wonderful recipe, I just picked up some raspberries from the store, I think I may have to try this out. Sounds & looks incredible!!

  10. Our secret friend is an amazing lady. She gardens, cooks and cans up a storm. I love the looks of this jam too. I need to put it on my list of to make. I just wish I had someone to can with – makes it so much more fun. Not many people take the time, but the results like you said are “out of this world”!

  11. So interesting, love the addition of a little red pepper flakes, I have to try this

  12. Oh Chelsy…that is a GORGEOUS jam! I love raspberries, too! And am so intrigued with the warmth and heat of the ginger and red pepper here! : )

  13. I am so glad you made this. This always makes me think of New Mexico as that was the first place me bought a similar jam. I want to make some biscuits and get this jam out of the freezer now!

    Thanks for all the kind words. So happy you got Eliot’s Eats!

  14. This would be great dolloped on a burger! Great SRC post..

  15. I am so going to try this!

  16. Mmmmm…raspberries are my favorite, too, and this jam sounds fantastic! Perfect SRC post~

  17. Oh. My. Word. this sounds so good!! It is such a change from the usual raspberry jam. Great SRC Choice! I can’t wait to try this out as soon as our local raspberries are ready to go!

  18. Thanks everyone for the positive comments! Gerry, I am right there with you on that burger…sounds delish!

  19. Raspberries and spiciness go surprisingly well together. This is a good recipe.

  20. That jam looks so scrumptious. Thanks for the great SRC pick.

  21. Chilli and ginger, perfect additions!

  22. I can attest that this is awesome – Tried it and loved it!

  23. Wow, this jam looks and sounds amazing! I need to get my hands on some raspberries!

  24. OMG! I so forgot that you had me almost one year ago!

  25. Shayne says:

    Thanks for this recipe, I just tried it and it was awesome!

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