My Life According To…

Happy Sunday y’all!
Whew! I feel like I am going a mile per minute today. Actually, this entire week has been quite of a whirlwind. Let me catch you up…
I found my Ralph Lauren sunglasses this week and I was super excited to don them…
Okay, okay…I didn’t actually “find” them. They weren’t really lost in the first place. I just had to get my lazy self up to go dig them out of my small carry-on bag still full of clothes after moving out of my apartment!
 Then I realized why I don’t wear sunglasses in the first place.
1. I look like a gigantic bug.
2. They hurt my eyes. I guess it’s because I am not used to wearing things on my face.
Oh, I broke out the pink chubby stick my cousin gave me for Christmas.
News Flash: I never wear lipstick. Except on occasions. Even then I put lip gloss over the lipstick. The closest thing you will get to lipstick on me is chap stick. 
So, of course, this was one step up for me. Watch out world.
 I am currently addicted to this bread
Think God I have to pack away the kitchen for the move this week. This solves all of my banana bread/cake problems.
 Since making these jalapeno poppers, I am never touching another restaurant popper again.
Also, I need to hire someone to come over and hide all of the hummus and pita chips that I made.
I am starting to smell like garlic and Parmesan. So attractive.
 Only in Texas do you see people hauling their boats along the highway that are bigger than my house.

My mom is quite the decorator. My dad played side-kick one night this week. 
Obviously, you can see what a big help I was.
 Don’t be fooled: I never give this dog a bath. Luckily, my dad does.
Then, he leaves her in the sink while she tries to make a run for it. O. LAWD.
 If you want to win my heart…you can do it with the best possible Americano ever.
Add a touch of cinnamon and coconut creamer…heaven.
Meet Annabelle…the newest member of my family.
Can you believe some mean ole’ puppy mill person was going to shoot her because she couldn’t have puppies anymore? Not on my watch.
My family has raised labs all of our lives and she is perfect.
 She gets in the car. Then doesn’t get out.
She is a pro lab. 
Hope your Sunday is going beautifully!


  1. She’s so sweet! I can’t believe they were going to shoot her. That just BREAKS my heart.

  2. Aw, my lab sends love to your sweet lab…I love her!!!! And I need to look at your jalapeno popper recipe….they look fabulous!!!

  3. Kelli, I know…I started crying just thinking about it. What evil people! Lizzy, I am so glad I am sharing this “lab bond” with my fellow bloggers. You must try both of the jalapeno poppers! soooooo yummy!

  4. Awh! New Annabelle is beautiful and photogenic! Love all the great photos and reading for Sunday! Your life is chock full right now! I want those jalapeno poppers right now. No, I want the pita and hummus. Ok, really I want the banana bread (with coffee)! Dang,I hate having to make choices!

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