Easy Peas-y.

Okay, so I intended on making you what I like to call the easiest recipe on the planet…but yet, so utterly knock-your-socks off delicious. You see, I attempted to make a microwave mug cake because it is Friday after all, and after a long-hard work week, you deserve something sinful, that can be prepped in five seconds and made in two minutes. Oh, but if only I had the skills to hold my camera and shoot a photo at the same time. Let’s just say, my chocolate mug cake face-planted right into the welcome mat by my back door. I couldn’t do anything but laugh hysterically, clean off the mess, and ummm not start over again. Can you blame me? Instead, I said, screw it…it’s almost Friday and poured myself a drank. However, let me make-up for my lack of balance skills with some easy, quick, and delicious recipes to make your Friday that much easier.

You need this Peanut Butter Chocolate Mug Cake.
Oh, oh and this 5-minute Chocolate Fudge S’mores Cake
because your boss yelled at your five times for not refilling the copy machine with ink.
What? You were raiding the office refrigerator…well, actually you were hiding your homemade basil pesto chicken flat bread sandwich in the back of the fridge away from the grimy hands of your co-workers.
Oh, what’s that? Apparently it’s National Grilled Cheese Month.
I missed the memo.
Thankfully….whaaaaaat, Jessica
Roasted Strawberry, Chocolate, and Brie Grilled Cheese…I can’t even deal.
 Oh, and the cutest married couple ever just had to go and put my favorite savory spread on a grilled cheese, oh, and crust it with my fave condiment, everrrrrr.
If you don’t have cray cray plans to go out and get bonkers tonight.
Make grilled cheese.
It’s easy.
It’s delicious.
You deserve a grilled cheese.
Because it’s Friday.
Because you should put on your fave pair of mix-match pj’s, scrunch your socks down to your ankles, and watch re-runs of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. 
I will be doing something similar, only because I am an 80 year old trapped in a 24 year old body.
If you don’t feel like having a leisurely Friday night with your feet propped up, and would rather take your job anxiety out on something….these.
I am instantly transported back to elementary school when I had no money for ice-cream and the ice-cream lunch lady, Mrs. Gasparini, would give me free ice cream sandwiches.
I owe my life in ice-cream money.
Who wants to help me pay it off?


  1. I want a serving (or two) of each one, while I am cozy on the sofa watching HGTV and DIY and the Food channel, etc! (Yeh, I flip around on the stations! But, I might not flip channels as much with these delectables in hand!)

  2. Chelsy…I once had half a batch of cupcakes slide off of a tray when I was carrying them out to my deck! And your office sounds like mine! But these look like some of the most comforting recipes! That strawberry, chocolate and grilled brie has my name on it!!! Hope you have a GREAT weekend! (Those mug cakes are brilliant!)

  3. Ouch Anne, that sounds tragic! I know how you feel about that grilled cheese…looks fabulous! Have a great weekend as well!

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