My Life According To…

Hi! From my bed…
Let’s talk about the past 48 hours.

Let’s just say that the picture above speaks for itself…food poisoning. 

I vow to never again eat Taco Cabana as long as I live…oh,oh I can’t even look at black beans or eggs or even thing about salsa or pico de gallo right now. Bleh. 

I have now been living off of grape pedialyte, gluten-free toast with butter and apple butter, Blue Bell Bullets, and oh, oh, the highlight chicken soup. It has all been pretty eventful. 


Now, I would have something delicious to show you today, like a cake, or a pie, or wait…I can’t even begin to think about food because I just might vomit. 

Instead, all me to amuse you with my life this past week according to my Iphone.

I think I have a sweet tooth


 More of like an addiction to cookies

 and cookie dough
and more cookies
and cookie batter
and what’s that? Brown Butter. 

Oh, surprise, surprise.
 my fave snack of latest: peanut butter on a spoon.
 Heaven? Yes.

You know what else I love?

Rainy days

that make for gorgeous sunsets.
I love breaking out my summer clothes

finding my Keds

and my pretty blue dress 
at the back of my closet.

I just love springtime.

It brings lovely 

and bright nail polish
 with names like peach bellini

oh, oh, and glasses of sweet, crisp, white wine on the patio at dusk.
This gorgeous spring weather means less couch sitting, and more dog walking…
 Princess and I are developing quite the buddy-buddy friendship.

Spring also means inspiration for veggie lunches…at least for me.
Roasted Carrots, Roasted Cauliflower and Peas with Hot Curry Spice, Babaj Ghanoush, and that thing we just won’t mention in the white

 Roasted Cinnamon Butternut Squash and Arugula.

What I am super excited about right now:

Exhibit A:

I nearly died.

These people tend to steal my money…for a bag-load of pajamas. 

The downside of my sickness: my parents have lost their chef for a couple of days.

Turkey Burger

on gluten-free bread, with tomato, romaine, and yogurt thousand island dressing

that cheesy, corn-bready thing,

 and pan-seared chicken.

I have been craving these, with a big side of hummus…all day. everyday. 

Fun fact: I like to drink my coffee with a straw…it keeps my teeth white

you can thank me later

My weekend started off with a bang…Dad and I visit Kemah on Saturday morning and sat near the water for a good chat and coffee 

I love Bingo scratch-offs…I only treat myself to them on the weekends.

I have been quite the little gym rat lately…I love strength training. 

I like to satisfy my sweet tooth with berries and yogurt

I love getting all dolled up for weddings

pretty hair

and cute heels

The food was actually pretty decent…Greek salad

and the bride’s mom even had a special gluten-free chocolate cake made for her daughter, and myself…so awesome

The wedding was held in an old historic building in Galveston

Dad and Mom two-stepped the night away

and Mom got a bit tipsy.

 It was a classic good ole’ wedding.

Of course, our next door neighbor decides to casually drop off his homemade lemon custard as I am in the prime of my sickness last night

I just imagined how good it tasted.

Is it weird to thank your nurse after injecting you with a shot in the rear end? I almost feel 100% better.



  1. I don’t know…….maybe the most entertaining, informative, delightful post yet!!! Sure glad you’re feeling better. And,I still can’t eat Subway, from 3 or 4 years ago, when jalapeno’s were all the rage for food poisoning. Never again. Wow! I feel ya!! But, so happy to hear(and see) all of your happy thoughts!xo

  2. Oh sweet girl! I miss your cooking but can enjoy taking back my kitchen for a couple of nights!! Not complaining – btw, you were a champ with the shot in the buttocks – tee hee! I was there to hold your hand just like the 3 nurses when you were little!! Love you always….

  3. That’s terrible you have food poisoning! Sorry to hear that! At least your phone pictures saved the day! So many pretty pictures & delicious eats.

  4. I’m so sorry. I got sick on tamales once about 20 years ago–still can’t eat them!
    Loved all your photos especially the cookies. Get well, soon.

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!

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