Sunday Things.

It’s official.

I am seriously, seriously, having withdrawals from my food processor. It’s in storage, along with the rest of my kitchen electrics.

I need it to make almond butter
 and peanut butter
My food processor is the boss. Things are just better when they are homemade. Like peanut butter. Can you tell I miss my nut butters?

Here is a secret: I GOT THE JOB! If you didn’t know, I interviewed for a job last week and received the news yesterday. So exciting. More on this later. We will see how things go.

On my splurge at Sur La Table this past week…I got this

Things with mini-pies will be happening this week. Game face on. 

Throw out some mini–pie ideas at me!

For some reason, I am craving a good biscotti. I actually wish I had some right now to dip in my coffee.

Maybe some dusted with cinnamon and sugar?
I think so. 

There is just something about a twice-baked cookie that I can’t resist. Plus, biscotti are Italian, so I just get more Italian by making these Italian cookies, right? Win!

I am absolutely in love with Aubrey’s post this morning.
I want to have an indoor picnic stat!

I think I would definitely need to serve this sandwich

oh, oh…and these sandwiches too!
They have grapefruit in them…so they are obviously healthy.?

I couldn’t go without a yummy salad as well…

and a little alcohol

never hurt anybody.

I would do this all in one of my best aprons

Happy Sunday!!!



  1. Congrats on getting the job!

  2. Thanks Kelli!

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