Friday Link Love.

Happy Friday all!

Let’s talk about what went down in my kitchen yesterday.

I got this genius idea trying to make gluten-free cinnamon roll cookies. After much frustration…I think there were a few choice words, huffs and puffs, and a temper tantrum that ended with me on the floor holding a bucket of brown sugar, whisk in one hand, wine bottle in the other. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit much. The end result…

A beautiful mess.
One giant gf cinnamon-roll cookie. The edges were crispy, the center was chewy. It was heaven. I sent my Dad to work with my left-over “disaster” and his co-workers were at a loss for words…or so I heard.

I finally got a facial yesterday with the gift card to a local salon/spa that I received as a b-day gift from my momma. It was well worth the wait! Seriously, the esthetician had to pry me off of the spa table/bed?. She got my attention when she mentioned that she was getting me a lemon water, aka “spa water.” It just sounds better when you say spa water, right?


So refreshing.

I love me some spa water and time spent getting pampered. I consider myself pretty girlie, or womanly, for the most part.

I love getting my nails did.

My latest fave polish

I love curls in my hair.

 This is what happens when you spend an hour doing your hair and decide to sit in the car and take pictures of it b/c it is storming outside. Luscious locks and Texas weather do not compliment each other. No thanks.

I have an inner fashionista.

Who loves ruffles

blue-jean jackets

and lace.
Don’t forget my obsession with cute food
and appreciation for good looking guys
Yes, please

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my pearls and heels, but I also love me some good ole’ fashioned shooting at the range.

A good rack o’ ribs.

A dripping with sweat workout.

I wouldn’t trade anything for my converse

(Mine look more like the ones on the right…I have had them for five years, including my 3 years as a barista…might be a few coffee stains!)

or my cowgirl boots.

I mean c’mon, I’m from Texas y’all! What did you expect? 

That’s just me, a little bit of both worlds. 

Let’s end this with a little food porn, shall we? Yesterday was National Banana Bread Day and we all know I go bananas for the stuff. Chuckle.

So, here is your dose of Banana Bread food porn.





What kitchen disasters have you had? What makes you girly, or not? Any fave banana bread recipes?



  1. YOU ABSOLUTELY SHINE IN THIS POST! I am lovin’ learnin’ that your disasters in the kitchen can still be successes (at least in taste-where it counts)! And, it was a pleasure to learn so much about you! What great pics!!! Last, as for my favorite banana bread recipe–I love my moms, but I am converted to yours, and I can’t deny I want to have some of each that you posted here!!!! Have a great weekend Chelsy! xo

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