Happy Birthday Seester!

Thanks for having food allergies, you inspire my blog and my cooking skills every day

Thanks for being the family sports star 
 You always know how to make me smile
 And help me avoid the paparazzi…sheesh, stalkers.
 Thanks for being the Bon to my Jovi…such a superstar
Thanks for teaching me how to turn on the drama
Thanks for playing 
 dress up with me…Mickey
 Thanks for always looking up to me
 It really helps keep me on my game
 You are the sun 
 to my shine
The peanut butter to my jelly
 Thanks for being the 
 best sister ever
Happy Birthday Seester! I love you boo!


  1. Beautiful memories of two gorgeous girls! Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures. Sisters are such a blessing. Have a wonderful day full of fun and making new memories. Mrs. K

  2. aaaawwwwww….that was so sweet…boy do i remember those days and those outfits, and those leslie tantrums…now, you are two amazing young women…look out world…

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