Friday Link Love: So you want to be on reality t.v.?

Happy Friday all,

Seriously, I am ecstatic that it is Friday. Most importantly, because it is this awesome chick-ster’s birthday tomorrow. 
I am road tripping it to up north of these here parts with the fam to visit seester for her birthday. It is going to be totally rad, like “oh my gosh I just found $20 on the floor and no one has claimed it so I think I will fill up my gas tank rad.” Yes, filling up my gas tank is pretty much the highlight of my week when I have some extra cash. 

Last night was pretty epic, I went out with the bff, my grandma, my aunt, and my mother for my mom’s belated birthday girl’s night out celebration. I hadn’t seen my bff since her freakin’ wedding so it was about time we got together to catch up. We went to this restaurant for dinner. O my lanta I love Mexican food. I don’t doubt that I could live off of salsa and green sauce for the rest of my life. Before dinner we did a little shopping where I purchased the cutest dress ever! The bff also purchased a shirt that she claimed was the “type of shirt all the girl’s on the Bachelor wear.” 
Basically, it was a blouse similar to this, but a peach color. 
Anyway, this got me thinking…do those girls on the Bachelor supply their own wardrobe, or do they have a stylist who dresses them? Either way, I’m single, and if I get to wear pretty outfits like this
… I am so in. 

I should totally apply to be on the Bachelor, right? Um, yes, I think so. Plus, you get to travel to awesome places like 

 And stay at amazing resorts like this…yes, please. 
The best part is that you get to eat fresh food like this. All day long…
Because calories never count when you are on vacation. Never. That is everyday for me. Vacation, 365.
Excuse me while I go sign up to be on the next Bachelor. 

Back to reality.

I have been eating my body weight in these. All day. Every day. Because I am a baller. 

Today I told myself that I was going to sign-up for the Enjoy Subscription from Joy the Baker. Because, seriously how cool is it to get gifts in the mail every month from one of my culinary idols?
(Sigh) If only I had the money. $25 is like a full tank of gas now-a-days. Maybe. That is cutting it pretty close. Maybe next time. 

Totally off topic: I am not much of a Super bowl Fan unless the Dallas Cowboys are playing in it. However…Jess has once again, changed my mind. Holy Parmesan Party Dip! How does she come up with this stuff? Genius, sure genius.

It’s been real people. I am about to get in my pajama’s and call it a Friday, just me, the couch, and the Jersey Shore re-run. Because I NEVER watch that. One more thing.




  1. I should totally get the cred for the bachelor/bachelorette idea!!! Lol tell your aunt Lori we need that pic from her phone! My new bachelorette shirts are soooo cute! But I love love love that dress you got! We need to get your video ready to apply on the show and go shopping for all new clothes!!!

  2. Yes to all!

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