Arrivederci, 2011!

Happy New Year’s Eve all!

Well, it’s time to say peace out 2011. This year has been quite a ride for me. Let me catch you up to speed. Well, I kinda, sorta started my year off slow after graduating from college in December 2010.

You’d think I’d just have a job and all cause I is a college graduate, ya know? Think again. It actually took me a freaking while (almost 6 months a while) to actually find a job, which wasn’t really along the lines of my profession anyhow. So, I pretty much stuck with my barista job and then moved back home with the rents’ for the summer. Living rent-free is never a bad idea, lesson learned: don’t ever think you are a failure cuz ya gotta move back home with the parents. Never.

This past summer was all about this chica, right here…the bff (so blessed to have such gorgeous friends)
She went to the chapel (or eh…church) and got married
So, we spent 12 months planning the wedding and all. When I say “we” I mean her momma and company because seriously I don’t think I (the maid of honor) could handle that much stress excitement! Nevertheless, I did help plan a bomb-dizzle bridal shower, where I made my first huge cake. Turned out pretty good, despite my emotional breakdown during the baking process. Haha! Anyway, the wedding was absolutely fairy-tale and I might have even shed a tear…or five…in between glasses of champagne. 

Anyway, by the time the reception was on, I was pretty freakin’ hungry (after a diet of champagne and all)

Can you tell? So excited!
 Danced the night away
Partied with old friends
 And made family memories
Yea, my mom is a dancing queen!
I owe all my dance skills to her
After all the wedding awesomeness, something unbelievable happened to me. It went down in my book of firsts. I became a godmother!

To this kid right here
 I know, what a pimp…right?

I was super stoked…no joke!
 Good looking god-parents and god child…just saying
This year was also spent experiencing more amazing firsts

Like meeting a few food  celebrities
The Queen of Butter, herself
 Why hello there, T-Flo
 I also went to my first and might I add the best Food Festival in the world!

 Where I ate tons of delicious food until my insides literally hurt…literally
To round’ out the year, I had a bomb Thanksgiving and Christmas spent with my awesome family
Did I also mention that I made a ton of yummy dishes this year including a lot of different peanut butter and nut butters…OMG!

I almost forgot to mention, I landed two jobs! Cause I is a boss!

All in all, it was a great year. Peace out 2011, it’s been real!  I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!



  1. BEST POST EVER!!! What an AMAZING 2011 you’ve had!!! So MANY BLESSINGS!!!! It can only get better in 2012!!!!! Happy New Year little kitchen mistress!!! xo

  2. Sounds like a great year!

  3. omg i love this post! its my favorite! i love you!!!!

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