Friday Link Love: A New Year!

Happy Friday all!

Are you ready for New Year’s weekend? I am sooooo ready it’s not even funny. You see, to me New Year’s not only means that I get to start the year off with a fresh outlook, new goals, etc., but it also means that I get to do it in style. To me, New Year’s just screams glitter, which for me means a fantastic glitter-y mini dress, glitter heels, and glitter nail polish. I am fist pumping hard right now, you have no idea. That’s just New Year’s Eve though, New Year’s Day is almost always spent with the family. Whether its spent with my immediate family or extended family I am always guaranteed some delicious eats. That being said, today I would love to talk about my Top Ten New Years Recipes. Get ready, black eyed peas are a staple for this day and round’ these here parts we know how to do them justice. 

Top Ten New Year’s Recipes:

Texas Caviar by Simply Recipes 
I warned you, round’ these here parts Texas Caviar is a staple, especially for New Year’s. It’s like the Southern fried chicken of Texas, it will always be an essential at the kitchen table, you just can’t live without it. My uncle makes by far the best Texas Caviar in the world. We had a preview on Christmas Day and it was fabulous, as usual. Just think a hearty dip, with meaty black-eyed peas, chopped onion, cilantro, jalapenos for a bit of heat, juicy diced tomatoes, bell pepper, and garlic, all tossed with a olive oil and lime juice and seasoned with a bit of cumin and ground pepper. Now that is my kind of dip. We serve ours with tortilla strips but I love my with Frito’s. I have also tried rolling some of this dip up into a fresh, warm corn tortilla and it is the If you haven’t tried this dip, you need to, like NOW!

Queso Compuesto by Homesick Texan
Anything that starts with the word “queso” is a must have in my book. Now, if you are wondering what queso compuesto is, its basically a fancy name for melted cheese with the works in it. And by “the works” I mean lots of really, really, ridiculously yummy things in it. This recipe gets turned up a notch with spicy Mexican chorizo, collard greens, and of course, black-eyed peas. I warned you. Anyway, that all gets mixed together and then comes the good stuff, a cream cheese/Muenster mixture gets dotted on top along with a good pour of half-and-half. Then you have to sit back and lick your lips for about 20 minutes while you watch this thing bake off in the oven. Cheesy, bubbly goodness. Serve this up with some tortilla chips, stat!

Zannie’s Black-Eyed Pea Dip by The Pioneer Woman
Just when you thought the black-eyed pea recipes were over…think again. Now, if you are not a fan of black-eyed peas I totally understand. But I think I have pretty awesome persuasive powers when it comes to getting people to eat black-eyed peas, especially if they are combined with spicy red salsa, covered in cheddar cheese, and baked off in the oven until golden brown and bubbly. Are you convinced yet? I sure am. 

Still not done yet. Now, this is definitely a little out of the ordinary compared to the previous three b.e.p. recipes. For one, this recipe is not covered in some sort of ooey, gooey, cheesy perfection. In this recipe, b.e.p.’s sit in a stew along with carrots, sweet potatoes (my fave), and some collard greens (cuz we just can’t get more Southern round’ these here parts). Then comes the best part, for some out of this world flavor we add a good ole’ healthy dose of ham hock. Classic.

Spicy Lentil Soup with Buttered Bread by Joy the Baker

So, I hear lentils are a really, really, ridiculously lucky food. So, I should eat it on New Year’s, right? In my opinion, lentils are the new black, and they just might be my new bff, so yes I plan on eating them. However, finding them on New Year’s Day in my family’s kitchen is going to be pretty much impossible. Never gonna happen. Not unless there is a slab of butter involved. Maybe I could get them to try this hearty bowl of lentils with chicken sausage and an array of spices. Plus, there is a generous helping of Parmesan cheese on top which is a sacred vessel in my family. Served with a loaf of crusty,  hot, buttered bread, this dish is a winner. Remember, lentils…the new black.

Coffee Glazed Donuts by Epicurious

Donuts are lucky. Looks like I will be eating here for the New Year. Just give me a glazed cake donut and I am set. You already know how I feel about coffee, so you can just imagine my excitement as I tried to wrap my brain around a donut actually glazed with coffee. O mah be-jeezus! I have died and gone to heaven. Serve these on New Years morning with your fave cup of Joe. It is the best way to begin the New Year. I promise.

Champagne Cupcakes by Eat Live Run

Champagne is by far my drink of choice. And I am not just talking about one New Year’s. Hell, I drink champagne every chance I get. Every day is a celebration for me so why not celebrate with a glass of champagne. Not only is there champagne in the cupcakes, but it is in the frosting too! No way! Butter + champagne =double win!

Buttermilk Soaked Baked Parmesan Pork Chops by How Sweet It Is

Buttermilk Soaked Baked Parmesan Pork Chops. Say that three times fast. Haha! I hear pork is lucky and while I just don’t live to eat and breathe pork, there are times where I crave me a pork chop wrapped in bacon and sizzled on the grill until crisp perfection. And then there are times such as these when I come across a pork chop soaked in a sea of tangy buttermilk, and gently breaded in panko, flour, and my all-time fave condiment…Parmesan cheese! These babies are browned off in a hot skillet and transferred to your plate in a hot second. Top these with additional Parmesan before selfishly eating each pork chop by yourself sharing with your friends!

Bacon Jam by See You in the Morn

It’s that simple. Do I need to say more? I think so. This jam definitely needs to be talked up. Holy bacon on toast is all I have to say. Or in this case, Lard + carbs, say no more. Just pass the bread.

Grape Faux-caccia by Minimally Invasive

Grapes are lucky. I love grapes. This “bread” is gluten free, so naturally you know how I feel. This recipe is definitely what’s up. My advice: eat some grapes, embedded in some warm bread, feel lucky, and sleep well at night. Amen.



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