Christmas Re-Cap, Italian Style!

Happy Monday all!

How was your Christmas? Mine was pretty freaking awesome if I may say so myself. Yesterday I basically lounged around in my Christmas robe and pajamas with my mom, dad, and sis until my dad and I went stir crazy and ran to the grocery store for chocolate chip cookie supplies (recipe to follow at a later date). After a day spent making cookies, eating some bomb smoked brisket that my dad’s co-worker gave him as a gift, sleeping, and eating more brisket, it was finally time to head to my aunt’s house for the Christmas evening festivities. 

Now, with my dad’s side of the family you can always expect some sort of excitement at each family gathering. And by excitement I mean drama, but I have decided it would just not be a family get together without some excitement. This may have to do with the fact that you can’t put 30+ opinionated, stubborn, and might I add, loud American/Italians in a room together and expect not one of them to but heads. Not gonna happen. This is how family Christmas gatherings usually occur in my family: On the way over we usually end up talking about how the night is going to go, who is going to be missing from the party, etc. Then, when we arrive, we see who is there, huddle in a small conversational crowd and talk about the people that are not there and start coming up with reasons why they should be there. When the “missing links” finally do show up, it is then our job to continue heckling them about their tardiness. 

That’s not even the best part. Super exciting things happen when any one of my cousins brings their girlfriend or boyfriend of the month to Christmas. It is always fun to pick and choose the said boyfriend or girlfriend that actually has a chance of surviving in the family. This usually does not end well, yet there was a particular cousin whose girlfriend has really really great potential, plus she has some tenure with the family so she is pretty much the “bees knees”. While family gatherings can be somewhat of a headache at times, last night was one of the best family gatherings I have ever experienced. Of course, there may have been a few heckles here and there, but it was all in genuine, good fun. At the end of the day, we are all family. Love is definitely the reason for the season and there was plenty of it last night.

Dad and brothers and sisters (took them 15 minutes to actually get this photo)
Leetle cousin Gracie…love this kid.
Most of the cousins 
 Baby Lucas joins in
 Cousinly Love
 Family Portrait!

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