A Thanksgiving to Remember

Happy Saturday all!

Well, it has been quite the mini-vacation over here for my family and I. This year, Thanksgiving was spent with my dad’s side of the family, which is always a big to-do. With such a large family, I expect nothing less than a huge spread at each family gathering…Thanksgiving is no exception, and this year, we definitely didn’t disappoint. Let’s just say, my Dad made two turkeys, and we are still feasting on turkey sandwiches and leftover pumpkin pie. If I look at turkey one more time, I think I am going to gauge my eyes out! Nevertheless, Thanksgiving was amazing, spent with great family, good food, and making lots of memories. I had a blast watching my family members play a game called “washers,” I nearly fell over with laughter as one of my uncle’s felt the need to commentate the game as if he were a English premiere league commentator…British accent and all! Hilarious! Here are a few pics from the day that I wanted to share with all of you! Back to cooking next week!

Some eats for the day: Cheese! I think we had more appetizers than food.

Love me some triscuits!

Yes, my aunt made a Maple Bourbon Pecan BACON Pie.

Yes, that is STILL bacon and this is not an illusion.

Cousins…or as I would like to call them, Salt N’ Pepper!

Sister In-Laws!

Me, Zia, Megs…I really don’t see a resemblance

Godparents with the Godson!


This is what happens when you eat too much turkey

Dad and sis…out like a light

And what would Thanksgiving be without pushing Mom on the front-yard rope swing…classic

The End.



  1. zia liz says:

    What a beautiful and blessed day it was…
    Awesome memories. Can’t wait for us all to be together again on Christmas. Here we come Aunt Shelly…

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