Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Just wanted a share a bit going’s-on around the Ethridge household for Thanksgiving prep. It has been a gobble of a time!
I am thankful for my Mom and her ah-mazing popcorn balls

Damn those little suckers…

And my Dad for his mad turkey roasting skills

And my sister for her mad picture-taking skills, without which I might never be featured on my own blog

That pie crust was damn good…

Look ma, I can read!

I am also thankful for pumpkin pie…with a crisp crust
and a gooey sweet filling
Lastly, I am thankful for simple appetizers that are sweet and salty!
The prosciutto roll-ups are super easy to make: roll out prosciutto, spread with goat cheese, smear with fig pear jam (or your own choice of homemade or store bought jam), top with spinach and arugula, and roll up to form little bundles of love. Give thanks today. I am thankful for each and every one of you so pass on the love, whip out your best stretchy pants, and eat some turkey with your friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Zia Liz says:

    Chels, I am thankful and grateful for you and all of my family…What a beautiful day we had.
    So much love, food, and fun…and so relaxed.
    Your prosciutto roll ups were amazing…You can bring those again at Christmas. Did I mention all that food? Mama Mia, can’t wait for the Christmas get together. Also, Grazie, grazie, for the incredibly delicious jar of peanut butter you gave me.
    D-A-N-G…it’s good!!!

  2. Your mom is nice, happy thanksgiving to all of you:)

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