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A Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all!

It is a busy week for me round’ these here parts, but I promise to have tons of yummy recipes in the works. Just sit tight for a sec. Today I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite pictures. And here it is Johnny…

I absolutely love this pic of my Dad and sis
I believe the pic was taken when my sister was in Jr. high…we lived in Nor Cal at the time and it looks pretty cold and windy, no? Anyway, it’s pictures like this that really make me cherish the moments spent with my family. We love, we fight, we get on each other’s nerves, but at the end of the day, we are family, and we LOVE each other unconditionally. Plus, because the Christmas season is fast approaching I tend to get more sentimental with just about everything. Ex: I was driving along in the car the other day listening to Adele’s song “Someone Like You,” and I burst into tears…literally. For no reason whatsoever. Then I started laughing hysterically at myself…sometimes I wonder. Today just take some time, weather you are on a break at work, or in the midst of a pile of paperwork, to go through some old photos of the times you’ve shared with friends and family. I guarantee it will spark some pretty funny memories. With that said, What is your favorite holiday memory? It can be a memory with your family, friends, or hey, even your dog. Whatever it is, I would love to know!


A Thanksgiving to Remember

Happy Saturday all!

Well, it has been quite the mini-vacation over here for my family and I. This year, Thanksgiving was spent with my dad’s side of the family, which is always a big to-do. With such a large family, I expect nothing less than a huge spread at each family gathering…Thanksgiving is no exception, and this year, we definitely didn’t disappoint. Let’s just say, my Dad made two turkeys, and we are still feasting on turkey sandwiches and leftover pumpkin pie. If I look at turkey one more time, I think I am going to gauge my eyes out! Nevertheless, Thanksgiving was amazing, spent with great family, good food, and making lots of memories. I had a blast watching my family members play a game called “washers,” I nearly fell over with laughter as one of my uncle’s felt the need to commentate the game as if he were a English premiere league commentator…British accent and all! Hilarious! Here are a few pics from the day that I wanted to share with all of you! Back to cooking next week!

Some eats for the day: Cheese! I think we had more appetizers than food.

Love me some triscuits!

Yes, my aunt made a Maple Bourbon Pecan BACON Pie.

Yes, that is STILL bacon and this is not an illusion.

Cousins…or as I would like to call them, Salt N’ Pepper!

Sister In-Laws!

Me, Zia, Megs…I really don’t see a resemblance

Godparents with the Godson!


This is what happens when you eat too much turkey

Dad and sis…out like a light

And what would Thanksgiving be without pushing Mom on the front-yard rope swing…classic

The End.


Friday Link Love: Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Casserole…say that three times fast!

Turkey+Sweet Potato


and more pizza

O my cheesus!

Breakfast hash…enough said


Bahn Mi for me!

Stuffed Sandwich

Sweet Potato+Marshmallow

Happy Friday all!

Now, I know some of you crazies have been up since the wee hours of the morning, standing in line at your nearest Best Buy, coffee in hand, and a game face on, ready to charge the doors once they open, only to find that in the first 5 seconds, the last ipad has been sold. Okay, okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit much on the whole Black Friday thing…you could be sitting at home wondering what to make of your leftover pumpkin pie. To the person contemplating the whole Thanksgiving leftover thing…I have all the answers for you, yup, right here. In fact, I have 10 answers for you, with my Top Ten Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes. Get ready, put your best “crazy Walmart shopping lady” face on and let’s get rolling with some leftovers. I will most likely be taking some turkey lettuce wraps along with me to work today! Black Friday, here I come!

Top Ten Thanksgiving Leftovers:

1. Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Casserole by Oh She Glows: Yea, I said it, pumpkin pie for breakfast. Basically, what happens is the leftover pumpkin pie gets chopped into bite sized pieces and takes a swim in a beautiful bowl of oatmeal. Oh the heavens! This is a breakfast treat and is surprisingly not overly sweet. Serve with a drizzle of maple syrup, a splash of almond milk, and a handful of thinly sliced almonds.
2. Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash by Fine Cooking: Yesterday, my aunt made the best, and I mean the best sweet potatoes that I have ever had. They were diced in thick chunks and covered in a pool of buttery, brown sugary, sticky marshmallow sauce, and topped with pecans. In the words of Uncle Jessie (i.e. Full House), “Have merrrcy!” If only I had some of those leftover sweet potatoes, I could be whipping this dish up at this very moment. Think moist turkey, sinful sweet potatoes, and BACON in a casserole-ish dish. What more do you need?
3. Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese, Turkey and Fig Pizzas by Family Fresh Cooking: Really, pizza with leftovers? Isn’t that a contradiction? I believe pizza is better the second day, so it must be out of this world with a ton of Thanksgiving leftovers piled on top. Just think, subtly sweet mashed sweet potatoes, tangy goat cheese, moist turkey, and sweet dried black mission figs. Did I mention, this is all spread atop a whole wheat pizza dough that gets baked off in the oven until a crisp, thin crust emerges. One word…MANGIA!!!
4. Roasted Butternut Squash, Turkey, and Apple Pizza with Bleu Cheese by Food Blogga: Apparently, I am craving pizza like a boss! See above for my feelings on this leftover pizza concept. Amen.
5. Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Pickled Onions by Simply Recipes: Okay, so apparently the theme here is carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Fine by me. Anyway, I am a huge fan of Mr. Grilled Cheese Sandwich and this sandwich featuring the big Turk has my name all over it. Crisp bread, melty cheese, sweet pickled onions, peppery arugula, and turkey all come together to form a sandwich worthy of any Thanksgiving leftovers.
6. Breakfast Hash with Cheddar Mashed Potato Pancakes by How Sweet It Is: Apparently, hash is in this season.? Well, it’s all right with me. Get you some, now.
7. Turkey Enchiladas with Pumpkin Chipotle Sauce by Baking Bites: Think spicy pumpkin meets corn tortillas, shredded turkey, and melted mozzarella and cotija cheeses. Bring on the fiesta! Ole!
8. Turkey Bahn Mi Sandwich by Martha Stewart: Now, I was just talking with my Dad about our mutual love for these Vietnamese sub sandwiches, but this, this is brilliant. There is nothing better than a toasted whole-wheat baguette spread with a thin layer of spicy mayonnaise, fresh, crisp vegetables, and fragrant cilantro. Add some turkey to this mixture and you will be in Thanksgiving leftover heaven! Yum!
9. Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich by Spoon Fork Bacon: The best turkey sandwich you will ever eat. It’s basically, all your thanksgiving favorites, layered one by one in between two pieces of crisp bread. It doesn’t get any better than this.
10. Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Biscuits by Smitten Kitchen: Yea, definitely a trend here: carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Fine by me. No big deal. Sweet potatoes and marshmallows in a flaky, crusted biscuit. Holy Thanksgiving Leftovers Batman! All I need is some apple butter and I am good to go!


Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Just wanted a share a bit going’s-on around the Ethridge household for Thanksgiving prep. It has been a gobble of a time!
I am thankful for my Mom and her ah-mazing popcorn balls

Damn those little suckers…

And my Dad for his mad turkey roasting skills

And my sister for her mad picture-taking skills, without which I might never be featured on my own blog

That pie crust was damn good…

Look ma, I can read!

I am also thankful for pumpkin pie…with a crisp crust
and a gooey sweet filling
Lastly, I am thankful for simple appetizers that are sweet and salty!
The prosciutto roll-ups are super easy to make: roll out prosciutto, spread with goat cheese, smear with fig pear jam (or your own choice of homemade or store bought jam), top with spinach and arugula, and roll up to form little bundles of love. Give thanks today. I am thankful for each and every one of you so pass on the love, whip out your best stretchy pants, and eat some turkey with your friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!


No I’m not lucky, I’m blessed, yes!

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are all enjoying the days leading up to Thanksgiving, the best holiday in the world…at least in my book. I know some of you are crazy organizers, like myself, and have everything ready to go, from the turkey to the pumpkin pie. I also know that a lot of you are procrastinators and will wait to purchase the turkey on Thanksgiving morning, where you will fight to the death against the jolly-looking man making a bee-line for the last turkey in the case! Been there, done that…never again. Weather you are prepared or not, I just ask one thing of all of you, forget the food, forget the decorations, forget the holiday madness that is to come with Black Friday sales and people forgetting the reason for the season, but instead, simply give thanks.

Give thanks for God, your friends, your family, your job, your dog…or cat, or hey, you might even have a pet monkey. Whatever it is, just give thanks. This morning I was able to give thanks for the new friends that have entered my life, my lemons. We have a monthly store meeting where we discuss store things, etc. etc. Now, because we are such a fun group of people, we always get a little crazy at store meetings. Today was no exception. We played a game where we each had a sheet of paper taped to our back and we were expected to go around and write down the first word that came to mind for that person…o yea, in under a minute. It was definitely a challenge, but I gave a good word to everyone. When I took a look at my sheet of paper, I wasn’t surprised at the theme going on. Can you guess the theme?

It shouldn’t surprise you either…I got lots of chef, creative, delicious, amazing cook, yum, culinary, baker, foodie, gluten free sistah, g.f. baking queen, and quite fittingly, sweet. So, needless to say I guess you can say that I am known for my cooking skills, even though I work in retail. Haha! What can I say? My passion for food and for cooking and baking does not go unrecognized. Plus, I love to feed people, and my co-workers are no exception. I spoiled them this morning with these breakfast bars.

I just love the dough…looks festive, eh?

I am definitely a do-gooder, they forgot to add that one to my list!
I had to make two batches of these breakfast bars…they are gluten-free by the way

I knew Les and I would be playing hunger games on our road trip to H-town, and this was the perfect snacking food. These babies are melt in your mouth, super moist on the inside, and crisp on the outside. Let’s just say that Les and I managed to polish off half the batch on our way back home, while re-living our boy band obsession days with an N’sync sing-along. These were definitely “bye,bye,bye” if you know what I mean. Turkey Day is right around the corner and these are perfect for a quick breakfast while you are laboring away in the kitchen. Plus, they are super healthy and might I add, delicious! Just enough to hold you over until turkey time!

Cranberry Nut Breakfast Bars:

2.5 c. almond flour
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 c. grapeseed oil
1/2 c. agave nectar
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 c. shredded coconut
1/2 c. roasted almonds, coarsely chopped
1/2 c. roasted pecans, coarsely chopped
1/2 c. dried cranberries

1. In a small bowl, combine almond flour, salt, and baking soda.
2. Using an electric mixer, combine the grapeseed oil, agave nectar, and vanilla extract.
3. Stir the dry ingredients into the wet using the electric mixer.
4. Mix in coconut, almonds, pecans, and cranberries.
5. Grease a 9×11 rectangular baking dish with grapeseed oil.
6. Press the dough into the baking dish.
7. Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes.

Makes 16 bars.