Friday Link Love: A piece of cake!!!

This cake just screams Happy Birthday!!!

Sweet Figgy Goodness!

Holy Cannoli…Reese’s…mah fave!

Tir-a-misu=Pick Me Up (off the floor)

Sweet Strawberries+Cream Cheese Icing+ Dense Cake= Float me on a cloud!

You put the lime in the coconut…

This cake looks fabulicious!

Dad’s Fave!!!

There aren’t words for this

Bananas+Streusel+Gluten-Free=I smell a culinary genius!

Happy Friday all!
This week I have been as busy as a bee and I am thrilled to announce the grand opening of Lululemon Athletica at the Domain in Austin, Tx has finally arrived! Whoo-hoo, I never thought I would be so emotional, but the past couple of weeks have been amazing! I cannot describe how great it feels to be apart of such a stellar group of people. I have gotten to know each of them individually, and let me tell you, this is one unique group of people. We all have our own personalities which is what makes us more than a team…hell, we are a family! These past weeks we have ventured out to attend fitness classes together and really get to know the people that make up our wonderful community. Then, last week we spent 8 hours a day building our store, I mean our “home” from the ground up…this meant getting down and dirty, unpacking boxes, setting up mannequins, installing shelving, and of course having time for a few dance parties and laughs along the way. I feel because I have sweat with these people, and they have sweat with me, there is no turning back. A family that sweats together stays together! I have really taken some time this week to access my life, past, present, and future and I can say with full gratitude that I have never been happier! I have an amazing family, an awesome “job”, and great friends! I feel that life is just full of grand opportunities and that I can only go up from here! That being said, I just want to thank my new working family (I don’t even know if they read this) but I would like to thank my fellow lemons for making me feel welcomed in a world where starting a new job can be frightening…but this time, we were all in the same boat. Love my lemons! Okay, so switching gears a bit, it’s September and wouldn’t you know…that means it must be a month full of birthdays in my family. As you may have heard, I have a pretty large extended family and its natural for us to take up a big chunk of each month with birthdays. I have three cousins, two of which are brother and sister (and whose birthdays are one day apart), two uncles, one aunt, and o yea, my deceased dog, Jake (hey, he was a member of the family…don’t judge me) who all have birthdays in September. If you think September is bad, you should check out February in my family…it’s totally cray cray! Because I cannot be with most of them on their birthdays I decided to make this Friday all about cake, not necessarily birthday cake, but cake meant for all occasions, to show my appreciation and love for each of them. So, here are my Top Ten Cake Recipes that I am loving right now. Happy Birthday family! Love you! Let’s gain some weight together!

Top Ten Cake Recipes:

1. Pink Vanilla Birthday Cake from Sweetapolita: Let me tell you, the first time I discovered this blog, I knew this chick was the queen bee of cakes! Her cakes make me stare at the screen for five minutes, salivating over the perfect layered cakes, each with a precise balance of dense, yet light and airy cake, to velvety, creamy frosting. Now, this cake caught me eye because it is a classic vanilla birthday cake. I have always been a vanilla cake type of fan and this cake absolutely screams backyard birthday party. My younger sister and I have very close birthdays (about two weeks apart) so as children, we would always have a huge combine birthday sha-bang with our friends and family. This would almost always be a backyard birthday party where my dad would barbecue burgers and hot dogs and my mom would take care of the decorations and the cake (which she always purchased from Sam’s). My fave cake of all time was my “Aladdin” themed birthday cake (I dressed up as Princess Jasmine for Halloween when I was little…she was totally my idol, I mean c’mon really, a pet Tiger? that’s awesome!). Anyway, this cake looks absolutely gorgeous and scrumptious. I love the sprinkles!
2. Fig Cake from Dessert for Two: Now, this blog is run by Tina from Texas, y’all and let me tell you, she knows her way around a kitchen! Her blog had my heart at first glance. Just when I thought her blog couldn’t get any better, here she comes with this fig cake. Now, I love figs, especially with Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey! However, I have never had the privilege of having fig cake. I must try this recipe a.s.a.p. because it looks simply divine…I mean, c’mon a spiced figgy cake with a homemade honey-cream cheese frosting. Hello, sign me up!
3. Peanut Butter Cup Cake by Eat, Drink, and be Merry: Now, by now you should know about my fully established love affair with peanut butter. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that I fell in love with this cake at first sight. Now, this cake has a peanut butter buttercream frosting and although I am much more of a cream cheese frosting gal, I have to say that anything covered in miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups has my name written all over it!
4. Tiramisu Cake by Smitten Kitchen: Yea, I said it, Tiramisu in cake form! It has been done people so it can be done again! Being Italian, it’s only natural that Tiramisu is by far one of my favorite Italian desserts. Not to brag or anything by my Zia Liz make the best Tiramisu in the whole wide world! She sent me home with leftover Tiramisu last Christmas and I had it every morning for my breakfast with a cup of coffee. Holy Moly…there is just nothing better than the signature airy, light, moist texture the moment you bite into Tiramisu. Then comes the subtle combination of espresso and brandy that just explodes in your mouth! By far my fave part about Tiramisu is the mascarpone filling…creamy and satisfying! Mangia Mangia!!!
5. Strawberry Sheet Cake by Homesick Texan: O my sheet! This cake is a true validation that no matter how homesick you are, you can recreate those traditional Texas dishes in any kitchen. I must say, that I am biased when it comes to Strawberry Cake because my grandmother makes the best damn strawberry cake on the face of the earth. She almost always makes it for my Aunt Ann’s birthday and the first time I had this cake I knew there was no turning back. The cake is so dense and moist, layered with a strawberry cream cheese frosting…and for a touch of originality my grandmother usually garnishes the entire sides of the cake with sliced strawberries. Now, this is recipe is a clever take on my grandmother’s recipe, Homesick Texan takes the cake to a whole notha’ level in a “sheet” cake form. Not to mention she gives a little punch to the icing by adding a bit of zesty lime juice! Holla!
6. Coconut Cake with Ginger-Lime Curd Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting by The Kitchen Sink Recipes: Now that’s a mouthful! This is a clever take on a coconut cake rich and sweetly tangy, with whispers of spicy ginger, and surprisingly a subtle coconut flavor that takes you away to that tropical island we all know and love.
7. Lemon and Raspberry-Lime Layer Cake by Desserts for Breakfast: I would definitely eat this cake for breakfast if given the chance. Anything with sweet and tart raspberries and I am all over it! Plus, because there is actual fruit in this cake you can always feel a bit healthier about having a second piece!
8. German Chocolate Cake by Just a Taste: A classic moist chocolate cake with a coconut-pecan frosting that is to die for! My Aunt Adrianna makes the best dang German Chocolate Cake in the world and my Dad requests it from her for his birthday every year. She never disappoints!
9. S’Mores Cake in a Jar by How Sweet It Is: Holy Frijole! Now, this is an innovative take on S’mores. Jessica from How Sweet It Is layers mason jars with a graham cracker crust, and uses her peanut butter hot fudge cupcake recipe as the filling. She tops each jar of cake off with a large mushroom and bam…S’mores in a jar!
10. Browned Butter Banana Streusel Cake (Gluten-Free) by The Ivory Hut: Bananas + Cinnamon + Buttery Walnut Streusel Topping + Homemade Caramel Sauce and it’s all gluten-free you say? Now, that is what I call a birthday party!



  1. Congrats on the new store! Fitness will never go out of style (:

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