Cuckoo for Coconut!

Happy Thursday all,
It’s almost the weekend and I have some exciting news…well, it’s exciting for me anyway. This Sunday I will become the “Godmatha” to my newest baby cousin, Lucas Wade Ethridge. I am so ecstatic, being as this will be my first godchild…hopefully there will be more godchildren in my future seeing as I just love kids (not ready for my own…but this will be good practice, haha!). Anyway, lately I have been on a cookie kick! Who could blame me? I mean, they are super simple to make and always great for a take along snack…or for a late night fridge raid. My favorite cookies are from the Great American Cookie Company in the mall, you may have see them…they are the ones with the big chunks of white chocolate and macadamia nuts in them. Well, these things stare me down as I pass the big glass cookie case at the mall, screaming “buy me”…or “buy five of me because if you buy five of me, you get the sixth cookie free.” Lucky for me, I have a particular family member that absolutely loves there Chewy Pecan Supreme cookie so needless to say, I get my money’s worth. While I adore myself a big ole’ cookie cake (reminds me of the time I turned 15 and my grandmother and cousins made me a homemade chocolate chip cookie cake that was bigger than my body), today I thought I would make a smaller cookie. Don’t be fooled, these things are literally packed with coconut. Lucky for me, I am a huge fan of coconut…something about it that just sends me to an island in Hawaii, where I imagine myself lounging on the beach under a cabana, being served pina colada’s with the little umbrella’s in them (of course the guy that is serving me these drinks is smokin‘ hot…haha!). Okay, well back to reality. Yesterday I was craving coconut and I needed to use the container that was staring me down every time I opened the freezer door to get some ice. So, of course, my first thought was to put them into a cookie…but not just any cookie, a Coconut Cookie. Now, this cookie is unlike any other because it is made with coconut flour, which gives it that extra punch of coconut. Not only are these easy to make, but they are moist and decadent and will most likely send you to the island of your dreams each time you take a bite. Then again, these cookies are bite-sized so after one cookie, I can guarantee you that you will be reaching for the next to enjoy that lasting island experience. I hope you all enjoy these cookies and if you aren’t able to take a vacation this summer, I insist that you go make these cookies a.s.a.p and get a little rest and relaxation by the pool!

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