A walk down Kerbey Lane….

All righty ya’ll, I don’t have a recipe of my own to share with you today. However, I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects: breakfast. I LOVE BREAKFAST! I honestly think it’s the best meal of the day. Seriously….when I was young I looked forward to waking up to a big bowl of piping hot, thick, cream of wheat, or if it was my birthday….a stack of shortcakes with a candle in the middle (prepared by my dad himself). Sometimes I even get a little teary-eyed just thinking about my mamaw’s homemade biscuits with a slab of apple butter. Delish! To this day…even when I go back home I try and make breakfast the most memorable meal of the day. I enjoy those mornings sitting in the kitchen with my parents, sipping on a fresh cup of hot Jo, and sharing great conversation. When I go home to Houston, my sister and I have made it a habit to leave on Sunday mornings so that we can grab breakfast with our parents and hit the road. Usually, we go to a little joint off telephone road that we have been going to since I was a youngin’, Franks Grill. This place is the mecca of all breakfast places. The coffee is A+, and not to mention the food, which is spectacular. I am talking waffles and pancakes bigger than my head. I never stray from my usual, a gigantic 3 egg veggie omelet, stuffed with bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes, served with a side of the best hash browns in the world (made especially crispy by Chef Juan himself), buttered wheat toast, and a side of homemade picante. Needless to say if I was on my deathbed…this would be my last meal. Now I live in Austin so Franks only comes around once in a while when I visit Houston. So….what’s a girl to do in this situation? Find a makeshift breakfast place, of course! Almost two years ago I found my substitution breakfast joint, the Austin landmark, Kirbey Lane Cafe. This is Frank’s little sister with an Austinite feel. Anyways my sister, and partner in the hunt for awesome breakfast, Les have made this our go-to joint around every two weeks when we are missing home. We usually find ourselves at Kirbey on Sunday mornings, trying to tackle the crossword puzzle in the local newspaper, while conversing with our usual server MOTT MAN. While Kirbey is known for their variety of pancakes, I am a purist and prefer their omelet stuffed with spinach, artichokes, and mushrooms. A few months ago in November…Lessy and I woke up on a freezing Sunday feeling like a “Kirbey morning”. So, we hopped in the car and took a short drive to Kirbey. I was all set to order my usual when I walked into Kirbey and saw the daily special. I was a little weary of going outside of my comfort zone, but this plate looked phenomenal, so phenomenal, that I had to take a picture of it’s perfectness the moment I was served. The dish was an open-faced egg white omelet layered with sauteed mushrooms,onions, and Kirbey’s signature Verde salsa. The topping was the finale, with crumbled crispy bacon, strips of avocado, and a garnish of cilantro (see dish above). After one mouthful, I was SOLD! The flavors of the dish left me speechless. There were simply no words for such a special dish. Indeed…this meal was a “special” dish that would sadly never be served at Kirbey again. So, I decided that I needed to cherish every bite while I could and then go home and re-create it. I have tried to recreate the flavors of the dish and have come so close. I think the key ingredient I am missing is Kirbey’s Verde salsa, which is a secret that will never be given up. Anyhow, I thought I would just share one of the best breakfast’s that I have ever enjoyed with ya’ll. To end, I encourage ya’ll to venture beyond the old bowl of cereal or the original pop-tart, and enjoy breakfast with your loved ones every chance you get!

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